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Lee Seung Gi – I love You From Now On

Actually, after all the commotion of MC Mong, I’d love to post his lyrics (and songs) more in this blog. But as the sake of support of the show, I’d deciding to upload this one: The newest and latest (seems the last too) OST of My Girlfriend is A Gumiho (a.k.a MGIG) Drama from Lee Seung Gi: I Love You from Now On, or also known as: Love Starts Now, or Love Starts From Now On.

You can hear the song in boxnet in the right side of this main page or (there are some problem, It didn’t show up, gaack! Gonna fix it) download it from the link below, in full post.

-Click for full lyric and download link!>

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Ung Kwi Ba Ram-Hwang Jin Yi Soundtrack

I’m in ballad mood!
Yeah, I’m so busy..so busy until I can’t upload my promise of huge upload :), I must get my report done for yesterday (Well I think that I’m so lucky since I’ve got extending time, and I gotta chance to report it in Monday, Thanks!). The song which I’m uploading right now is

Ung Kwi Ba Ram, one of Hwang Jin Yi OST.

The drama usually play this song when it comes to dance scene or the training, and seriously, It’s not techno or remix, but this song is a real dance mood!

I can feel my body began to move after hearing the instrumental played. I love the drama as well, it’s about a Gisaeng in Korean’s history and probably I will share about it some other day, but today just enjoy the song in the box.net and mediafire.

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Movie – Slumdog Millionaire

After reviewing The Ugly Truth, my mind stuck with this thing: “It’s not Fair! Hey, I must review other movies too!”. And here they are, review of “Slumdog Millionaire”, (even though it’s late now). Hell, who doesn’t familiar with this title now? Yeah, after winning Best picture in Academy Awards 2009 and 7 other (after nominated in 10),Despite the conflict about kid actor’s payment, I should say, this film is totally awesome! this is probably the best Hindi film I’ve ever watch.

The movie opened in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Question Style:

Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees. How did he do it?

• A: He cheated                                          • B: He’s lucky

• C: He’s a genius                                        • D: It is written

-Read the full Synopsis and Spoiler>

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Movie – The Ugly Truth

For a first time, I’m reviewing about a movie!

This is the latest movie I’ve watch, and just remember, all I’ve write in this blog (other words, my review) means I love them, so does this one!

I’ve just falling in love with this movie sooo much!

Shortly, The Ugly Truth is a romantic comedy starring by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

Well, Honestly I don’t expect anything at the beginning of the movie, but during the movie I can’t keep silent, it’s just so funny! The question is Why did I enjoying it so much? The story is just predictable! I will answer: I don’t know! Even the story is predictable and kinda cheap one, I just love it! I found it just hilarious, so I think I’m just kinda get that flow and floating with it. Well, the actress is my favorite any way (the reason of watching this movie), Katherine Heigl is just soo beautiful! I’ve noticed her since Roswell series and I’ve love her appearance since then (though I’m a Woman). O yeah, before discussing this movie, you should see another poster of  The Ugly Truth:

I don’t know where the ideas come from, but this poster give a glimpse about ‘where’ love is in male or ..female…. In female, love is in thinking, but for man..yeah..you know where is it, and that is the main theme of this story (or that is what I think so..)

-Full synopsis here!>