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Review (ending) – The King 2Hearts


It’s difficult to conclude this series in simple words/sentence.

The most appropriate word for this drama is maybe: what a roller coaster ride this is!

First of all, I must admit that this drama isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Mostly because of development of the story as well as the background plot, its squeeze every little drop in your brain, hence when you fall for it you fall hard, and when you don’t like it you just dont. The prominent strength of this drama is the weakness as well. The drama shove a lot (may be too much) of information at one time and makes it difficult to digest in one gulp. Thus, viewers need (and I emphasize it again: NEED) to discuss, to ask and sometimes, (more likely, often) google in order to understand, not just a mere knowing, most of the background. By experience, I can say that digging the infos make me appreciate the drama more and more, and accepting the logic of the writer.

This drama is a kind that never do things too little, there are misery, sadness, sarcasm, insult, some of them hurts a lot, but with open mind at the end this drama left us a fuller feeling. The King 2Hearts, isn’t a mere entertainment, but also a lesson toward life, toward reality for those who willing to embrace and reflect back.

Let’s start the review:


All the relationship was began from here:

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The Casts

The most prominent problem prior among fans before the airing is AGE GAP. Predictable, since Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s gap is 9 years, add the fact that  Seung Gi is in younger side. Even me feel the doubt.. Not just that, Lee Seung Min who plays his hyung was 20 years apart, and even Lee Yoon Ji Continue reading