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Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi!: Analyze Lee Seung Gi Evolution


Today is January 13th 2011, which is the most important date for all AIREN in the world ^_^ (me included).


Well since it’s our favorite’s star birthday,  most of us already celebrating it by our own way, and for me this is the way:  I’d like to summarize the change and improvement of this all around entertainer (previously I intend to put metamorphose as the title, but since metamorphose impression is something bad turn into something good-and as all of you know that he is good since start-, I’m erasing that and change it into evolution –tough it’s reminding me for that suck DBE).

Here there are a glimpse of his “EVOLUTION”

Music:Who would guess this little rocker would turn out being a ballader whose get the title of Digital Single King?

From a boy who love the older woman (noona, You’re my Woman) into a man who confess his feeling (From Now on I Love You).

No need long description for this. The huge shift from rock into ballad (or rather from husky powerful vocal into fine voice) has turn out smoothly. Thank you very much for Lee Sun Hee who discovered, and training him for years, resulting his husky voice become something totally charming with extra ordinary technique, totally love the feels that he always hinted on each song.

Appearance: From a boy into a man

I took those photos as example, since they are took by the same man, it should rule out one bias at least, isn’t it?

In his very 1st photo, he was holding baby as a teenage big brother. Wrapping hands tightly all around the baby, for me this pose was giving impression like he was afraid to accidentally dropping the baby, more over he just giving us a slight (or rather, hinted) smile (but that’s photo is totally good, as we can see the face was not the annoyed face that Joon Ji Hoon made).

In 2009, he bloomed a relaxed attitude, smiling wider and held the baby steadily within his arms, and giving us the familiarity feeling of the baby and Lee Seung Gi himself. You’ll find this photo more exciting, if you had watched the video of Behind The Scene, check it in LSGfan.

In 2010, we see him as a young father with his baby (^^), his smile is wider, relaxer attitude, and the arms was guiding the baby gently. Practices really made perfect right? But through these photos we can see, This boy surely has grown up, he had trough evolution into a man. (I know my comments like an anti here but I really need to show the difference!)

Style: ‘Cool’ versus charming

In the first photo we see Lee Seung Gi try to act ‘cool’, way different than himself now.

Most probably because he still in growth at that time and not yet decided what image he’ll portray later. Even more, who doesn’t want to look cool? As now, he isn’t just cool (in some studio photo) but totally charming in natural ways!

Back to my analysis (or review as usual)


His Songs


Earlier, Lee Seung Gi has been famous for his song: Noona, Ne Yojanika (Noona, You’re my Woman) who create some “liking older woman” syndrome.

In ‘The Dream of Moth’, his voice character was far off from ballad singer and more likely being categorized as a Rocker (most of the song on this 1st album are Rock), with powerful and distinguish vocal color. That day, his image was a boy, playing role as a teenager who swoon all country and take back the rookie award from MAMA for his 1st year.

Later, in the next album, he was shown as a mature teenager through the album, and music video. In ‘Crazy for You’ album, we found out his vocal technique being improved, stable and longer breath was held (thus producing much finer voice). The fact that the 2nd album contains more ballad songs than the 1st, probably was the sign of the beginning of his career as a ballad singer.

Later in that year (2006), he established his career as ballad singer by releasing remake album: When A Man Loves Woman (1). Since then, he has released 3 new albums (two latest are being repackaged due to the popularity), another remake album (When a Man Loves Woman 2) and one Live Album (LOVE Concert album).

Now, though he has been widely known as the ballad prince, in HOPE 2010 concert, he proved that he never lose his powerful voice and his rock touch (according to the lucky fans), still waiting the DVD to be released to see how amazing he is.


Entertain business


As usual in South Korea, it’s kinda an obligation for newbie singer to appeared in variety show or talk show to get more attention (this is proven by 2AM, when they got more attention after their leader show up in a variety show), so does Lee Seung Gi.


In his earlier career, he appeared on some popular variety show, mostly X-man (which led him to meet Kang Ho Dong). He was appeared in many episodes of X-man.

Later, he was offered as regular member for 1 night 2 days show (which allow him to getting closer relationship with KHD) and has been member since 2007. Lee Seung Gi self, admitted that the show had made many change into him. Per my view, within 6 members, the burden of the show is divided (the biggest still in KHD) therefore lead the member into a relaxer situation while they could enjoy their closeness and brotherhood.

By 2009 til now, he is co-hosting Strong Heart (Korean: Kang Shim Jang) again, with KHD, which he must act actively as the host and gaining much confidence after the show (you could point out his difference after Kang Shim Jang is aired).

Therefore, by the end of 2010 he rewarded for Best Excellence Entertainer SBS entertainment award (2nd highest after KHD’s Daesang) and rewarded the same level in KBS entertainment Award (unfortunately KHD didn’t make it this year).


Acting Career


He start act in Non Stop 5 Sit-Com, as a guess, not the lead.

Later appeared in Famous Chil Sister (or known as 7 princess) as a young husband for the youngest daughter (whom he must married because of ‘accident’).

Lee Seung Gi began to glow in acting since he portrayed Sun Woo Hwan, a Chae-Bol who has tempered, and easily irritated character. The role’s behavior and attitude was 180 degree opposite of his clean and bright image, and the successful act made Sun Woo Hwan as an annoying but lovable character. This alone, gain him more fans to listed on (included me on the list). The show hit 47% rating and still remind as one of the most memorable drama for SBS (which later made special for this).

His talent in acting was considered more after took role as Cha Dae Woong in My Girl Friend is Gumiho. The slow change (or should I say evolution too for this one? >0<) for the character, from a spoiled brat into a gentleman (plus all the tears*sob*) resulted in many new AIRENs (proven by winning the popularity award for best couple from SBS Drama Award, last year the winner is the couple from You are Beautiful))

Now he got offering for many (surely!) and as his career in this side start to glow, we hope he made great decision for this year too, don’t you?


CF model


CF probably is the most indicator how lovable a person in the viewer’s eyes. CF making is done after considering many aspects, such as the storyline, the model in CF and the image of the CF it self.

In 2010, Lee Seung Gi remain as the most likely male model for most CF (he shoot about 30 CFs for a year) and rewarded for 2010 Korean Advertisement Award, along aside fellow actress Shin Min Ah.

His role in CF has been shifted, from a male teenager who eat potato chips or wanting milk into a gentleman who has fair skin. The image has shifted from an adorable boy, into a good boy and now a great gentleman. The emphasize is, at the beginning the product just selling the popularity of the model (or their already known faces).

But now, Lee Seung Gi has become the image of the product itself, therefore less scenario needed.

What make him so popular and lovable?


No one could answer that in the same voice, but for me (and I’m sure most other fans do too) is his image.


For me, my 1st image of him is how adorable his smile is. Let me made a note of my personal diary here teheee- You know rather than a K-drama fans, before I just like J-dorama which has more seriousness, more complexity and (I’m utterly serious) lesser episode. Until one point, in early 2010, when I was tired of seriousness and thriller and else,  I decided to took a glance of K-drama which seem to be lighter and funnier (but longer).  And being as me, who never gonna ready to take risks, I just take the series that has high rating and, you know WHICH drama I landed my choice to, for sure. Well, for short I watch and get bored, and fast forwarded, watch, get bored, fast forwarded, watch, get bored, fast forwarded…the cycle just repeated all the time until I think : K-drama isn’t for me! Well, then I just fast forwarded it all except for the romance scenes, when I land on the MY most memorable scene of the series. The scene is when Sun Woo Hwan imagining that Eun Sung ordered him to smile, which he obeyed. SMILE. Well, honestly, I’m frozen at that time (so does the player) and melting my heart. How come there is a man with such that smile…and then I browse..browse and browse, started to watch 1 night 2 days, and find myself here, has became a fan.

You should remember, when the talk about image is started that means the wholeness of the subject. It’s not just that..”oh..he isn’t smoking”, ” he is hard worker” or else..or else. The fact is, the more you try to browse to know him, the more likely you’ll fall in love with his image.


Seeing his career, Lee Seung Gi is a lucky man/boy


No one could deny this kind of statement. Without luck he probably not being here, but no one could reach this position for depending on mere luck.


Briefly, Kang Ho Dong (KHD), according to the stars, is the type that won’t give the stars chance unless they act interestingly or has great fame (this including Rain in his earlier career). So…is it a mere lucky for Lee Seung Gi being picked by KHD and 1 night 2 days staff as regular member? Just from the first trip we all know that he has something plus for the show. He is completing the family for being the magnae (youngest) and for being heodang (air-headed/helpless).

That’s true that within the other 5 members, he is the lucky one for being chosen as KHD’s co-host in Strong Heart. But without strong presence, he most probably will over shadowed by KHD and won’t be noticed by the audience if he doesn’t at least as attractive as KHD (you may take a glance when Lee Teuk replace him for a while in Strong Heart, Lee Teuk is being overshadowed by KHD). For the hosting role, again it is a lucky for getting closer to KHD for 3 years, thus lead him to act synchronizily. Though, without proper research and observation, he won’t act the reaction out. (and back into the first statement, KHD won’t choose him if he has no plus point).

He is lucky for his role in Brilliant legacy/Shining Inheritance. Again, from my view, the production staff was using Lee Seung Gi’s popularity and his clean image as the marketing strategy. When somebody with goodie-doody image portraying a tempered and arrogance role, who won’t be curious about the result? And for a new fan like me, (in my deep thought after the scene) seeing a tempered man, with annoying –and annoyed– presence blooming a sincere smile is a great shock, which could change me from a hater into a fan.

Again, is it a mere lucky for him to portray Hong Sister’s male lead? Again, it’s not. Lee Seung Gi has been work long-long time in entertain biz, therefore he should be experienced with overacting act. As my earlier post about Hong Sister, I found out that Hong Sister tried to livening up their 1st work, which included Comical Male Lead, and considering Lee Seung Gi’s popularity at that time, plus his experience work on entertainment act, they made the right choice.

For all of those CF, thanks for his bright and clean image, I darely say that it’s not a popularity on one night, or just a mere luck but IT should be the fruit of years hard works.

Lee Seung Gi (and his agency) had success built his image from bottom and keep it strong, stable and clean to being a base of his presence in the celebrity world.


This is my present, a (rather) shortly review for Lee Seung Gi’s popularity.


Happy birthday Lee Seung Gi!


Thank You Very Much for all Hard Works


And all AIRENs are:


Proud to be Your Fans!


photos credit to:ryp96, lsgfan, sweetsaitousan

Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi!: Analyze Lee Seung Gi Evolution

  1. *sobs* terharu~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY our dear boy!! uh ok, MAN! 😀

  2. awal 2010, nonton BL, terpesona => kita sama! XDDD

  3. akhirnya otak mo diajak kerja sama ‘n keknya emang udah dirapiin lagi nih sama miss perfect jadi lebih bersahabat buat mata…. kkkk~

    nice present, Reg
    Happy (belated) Birthday, Seung-Gi-ya ….
    Hope you will gain more success, more… more… and much more!

  4. How can a perfect guy like this living in this world???! *lebay :D* And look at those pics! *faint*

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