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Announcing: Huge Upload Awaited!

Today (30th April) is my Birthday, so I’m planning to make a party here…

Yeah, I’m planning to upload a huge collection of mine in this blog. Since my major interest is music, so the upload surely will consist of many albums (not just a single like I’ve done before!)

The fully list will be updated tomorrow (maybe??) or any time I have done it. So stay tuned friends, you’ll like this!

I Believe Single Cover

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Nikki Yanofsky – I Believe (Winter Official Song for 2010 Olympic)

Okay, lets start this time with some refreshing.
This time I’m uploading west music again aside of Asian music (or actually Korean…), just to change the mood. Surely, I’ll be back with some new song or news or review or even gossip (Oh God, what the hell is this blog standing for actually?? hahaha)

Find the lyrics and download link in the full post!

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Lee Seung Gi – Like The Beginning, Like Then (Feat Kang Min Kyung -Davichi-)

As usual, the thing I’ve been upload here actually has been available for long-long time, so don’t forget to buy the original when it out in your country (well my country is not releasing his, so I just getting my hunger of his voice feed by other people releases). Like I’ve promised before, this time I’m uploading the single from repackage 4th Album of Lee Seung Gi: Shadow

He is so cute, doesn’t he????

His smile is so adorable, and I love Black hair (ahahaha)
Find the lyrics and download link in the full post!


Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me? (feat bizniz)

I’ve told you before that I’ve been hooked by some Korean celebrity who has become a youngest one in a kind of variety show, Now it’s time to revealing who is he:

Lee Seung Gi!! Yeah, you right, this Huh-Dang (or heo-dang?? I don’t know the exact pronounciation) is totally loveable. I watch him first in Brilliant Legacy a.k.a Shining Inheritance and found his smile is lovable. Read full text, lyrics and download link after click this!