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Clay Aiken – Invisible

An old song again? I said: Yes.

Maybe it’s boring, but I should say that I’m a fans of Clay Aiken (even when truth revealing he is a gay). I’ve fallen in love with his voice since I first saw him on the big three of 2nd season American Idol, and honestly, that is the only show of American Idol that I’ve remember (I’m not too interested on it though). And I’ve forgotten him until I heard this single, and it made me miss his voice so much. Well five (almost six) years has run since the AMI, but he is still a most popular runner up since then.

This single is bundled in Measure of A Man album and is the first song on that album. The album it self is a great achievement. one of my source admit that Aiken’s voice is not suitable at all for dance song, so the producer and the arranger work hard to made and choose a kind of adult song which could explore his voice more and more ( I should say thanks to them though). This song is kind of an upbeat song and the lyrics is about a shy person who is just seem invisible toward a person she/he like and then he is wishes to just being a real invisible!!

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