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Here I am

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So..Here I am

no, I’m not talking about the title song. I wrote this as a remembrance of my own self, my young, selfless, non boundary self.

It feels just like yesterday, I step in into this territory and I’m still not getting out. I said my reason was to not trapped into comfort zone, yet I’think I’m quite aware this IS now my comfort zone. When I am in this territory, I just need to do one obligation and not the others.

This time hasn’t passed away yet. So it is not meet the requirement to be a memory. Does this time also need to remembered? I do, the choice is mine, and I prefer to.

Because, tomorrow may be like today, or tomorrow might be yesterday, thus I record it in screen. Because, maybe tomorrow I’ll read it with smile in my face, or does the tears stream down across. Who will know?

Now I shall remember what my purpose is, or yet, to make new purpose.

I shall prepare myself to that new walk

because, here I am

Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

One thought on “Here I am

  1. As a person who often demeans himself and is knee deep in depression, it will get better. Lets atleast hope it would. The world lives on hopes after all. Good luck to you. Cheers mate

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