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Korean Fever!!

Okay, Now I must admit this. I’ve gotten fever for this whole month! Not a real fever, (well, actually I’m a bit ill but that’s not mind much) but a Korean fever! Yeah, have you noticed my box.net? There is a song titled ‘main theme’ which I’m not explained (yet), and that is the beginning of this fever. I mean I’m not infected by some virus or bacteria LOL, but I’ve just being crazy about Korean’s drama and song for these two months.

Being crazy for that drama (Okay, it’s called Great Queen Seon Deok, I meant to review it here before), I’m searching about it anywhere which leading me to another recommended drama and that goes repeat again and again. And at the end of last month, I’ve just conscious I have spent 50 GB of my hard disk !!! LOL, I’m burning it right away.

FYI, my main interest for series (before) is Japanese drama since it short, complex and somewhat uniquely funny. I just doesn’t love the Korean since it’s long (oh, but QSD is 62 episodes long! Sigh, I know it, I spilled my own words), mellow (but they all like that!! I KNOW!!), and… OH SHUT UP!! I just don’t know why I’m hooked of this now (sigh). Okay, stop all the big mouth of me.

Now I’ll recommend some Korean drama’s (and song) that made me addicted (I just watch the completed series, satisfaction guarantee). Okay, here they are the list of my favorite in 2009: Continue reading