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Movie – Sang Pemimpi

Bermimpilah, maka Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpi itu

“Dreams, Than God will embrace that dreams”.

Sang Pemimpi movie (2009), undoubtably, is one of the most anticipated movie in 2009. I’ve got too busy to review it after watched, but now I’ll review as usual.

Sang Pemimpi (based on novel Sang Pemimpi)

Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer) is the sequel of Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops), which both of them based on novels of the same title written by Andrea Hirata.

As a sequel of Laskar Pelangi, while focused in Ikal’s Childhood, Sang Pemimpi focused on his adolescent life.

Ikal, now together with his Cousin, Arai and their friend, Jimbron got to the First built Senior High School in Belitong. The film mainly focuses on their life during these teenager times. It’s not just matter of  changes places, it shows the alteration of thought over the course of times. When we realize, the group not only showed the desire of studying, but also  youth desire of maturity, hard work to fulfilled their stomach by their own, to get loved, and most importantly: learn how to dream and get hold of that dream.

For addition, the movie also shows us how Ikal and Arai meet, how they meet Jimbron, and a glimpse of their childhood. The movie also shows how Ikal and Arai get their dream comes true, not bombastic miracles like other Indonesian’s film do, but a sweet fruit after great hard work.

This movie has too much aspect to discuss, from the light problem such as the group’s mischieveous act into heavy one such as: The Reality of Indonesian’s worker. This movie also  showing sarcasm of national problems (shown as Father Geovany who always accompanying Jimbron to Mosque, which showing critical problems nowadays, religion difference, isn’t a matter at all), and tons of touching scene which teach audience about Continue reading