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Does Running Man a Number One Sunday Variety Show in South Korea?


My answer: Meh…

Running Man

This is my first time to post something outside ‘fun’ in this beloved blog. You know, I love peace, really, but somehow these facts keep bugging me so I decide to write some of it off.

Particularly, this post was triggered by some groundless article in soompi, -soompi, my dear soompi who usually goes non biased and become my trustful source- that made statement as below:

  1. Running Man is back on the top
  2. Now, “Running Man” is the number one variety show on Sundays

Full article

Okay, so for THESE groundless statement, I declare that those two statement is wrong!

First, in term of rating, Running Man NEVER going on the top before! So there is no need to give emphasis for BACK, even more ON THE TOP, since it, until I wrote this post, never happened.

Second, and this is what this post talk along the page, to said Running Man is the number one show in sunday is obviously premature. The statement for sure is groundless, Nothing can prove that RM is number one show, not even rating nor critics said so, it just the author of the article. For example, when the author said RM is number one, should I tell you that RM achieve 13% point etc while, the ‘previous number ONE variety show’ 1 night 2 Days just get 25% point blah blah? Double checking, I’m obviously sure that there is percentage behind the number, so does getting half percentage of 1N2D viewers make you number one variety Show?

In term of quality? Don’t joke! 1 Night 2 Days might be not as popular as Running Man internationally, but this show, along as the member and some staff’s name is a household knowledge in South Korea. This is the show that not only survive for years, or just leading the rating, this show exploring people kindness, airing the non aired and for sure, a leader in originality and creativity.

Originality? Now this is the point of the real talk began.

What irritating me, since I’m not following Running man regularly, is each time I turn the episode of Running Man I found some ‘similarity’ of RM to 1 Night 2 Days. Thanks to dramabeans recap, now along the keep reformatting program, I think the show keep getting closer and closer to resembling, not to say copying 1 Night 2 Days.

So what is the ‘similarity’?

  1. The games

    You don’t need to be a genius to found that many of the games played is refer to 1N2D games. Those below is just a few that I’ve ever noticed in the Running Man episode

      1. when Seung Ri was the guest: Group Jump Rope, anyone remembered? Yeah, that’s old old time games in 1N2D

    Running Man, 2010

    Group jump rope in 1 Night 2 Days: aired in 2008

      1. The elephant spin, again, very old games in 1N2D

    Running Man’s elephant spin in 2011

    Jiwon vs Ho Dong’s elephant spin, 2007

    1. You said those are common game and everybody could stumble upon the same idea? Ok, because this game is not mere nor common in sociality: Singing Karaoke to achieve specific score. 1N2D airing date? 2011, April, 17th Running Man airing date? 2011, October the 2nd …way to go Cho PD-nim, way to go.

    We know the show somehow growing popular, but is it a necessary to extend the recording from 1 NIGHT (which had been going for one year) into 2 DAYS? It’s not even special episode. It just remind me of some other Korean Variety Show who had been lead Sunday in these three years….

  3. The mean PD

    The PD start torturing the members, let –make- them skipping their meal, recurring appearance in front of camera. Are you in the same land with me? Because I can’t imagine someone else except PD Na fit that description.

    I know you are hungry

    He just so hungry...

    But this boy had been tortured by hunger since 2007..

Butthurt, yes, I am. I know this post is super biased due to my likability and addiction to 1 Night 2 Days, but still, I can’t accept ‘copy cat’ action done by Running Man PD. Not I’m saying 1 Night 2 Days PD have patent for the games or what, but seriously Running Man PD, where is your pride? The resemblance will keep bugging you til the end.

Well, I think I can try tolerating this, just don’t make it happen anymore, kay? Raise your creativity, and that will make you the ‘real number one’. Dear Running Man PD, I’m seriously warning you, especially for your growing similarity or persona or characterization of Na PD, stop it, and never ever ever get a hold of his ‘TTENG’ nor his other creation! Because when you do, you are a laughing stock in your own. And in Na PD’s term, I mean: SHILPAE!

-edit-April 2012:

Apparently, fans of Running Man who visit my blog doesn’t understand what I mean, they think I HATE RUNNING MAN, while I’m not! I just sad that Running Man becomes a copycat show while it has many potential to dug up. I’m carefully told them to not using KSN link, because of subbing ownership, but they are arguing just because I make this post. Well, it’s up to them then

Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

31 thoughts on “Does Running Man a Number One Sunday Variety Show in South Korea?

  1. pas gw baca artikel itu di soompi, I was like “huh?! are u kidding me??”
    ga nyanka klo ternyata soompi sebelas duabelas sama AKP hehehe~
    pasti sebentar lagi ada yg akan ngeluarin kalimat “itu kan cuma terinspirasi” ^^

  2. pas nonton RM yg ada games 3 6 9, gw langsung triak “ngapain gamesnya 1n2d ada disini?ga kreatif” tapi gw tahan alias ga ngomong ama siapa2 cos lum tau ada temen yg nuntun RM & 1n2d..pas liat lompat tali gw dah mulai kesel n makin kesel di episod berikutnya PD RM “agak” kejam dikit alias balas dendam ama cast Rm karna bisa lompat tali.
    tapi yg ga bisa gw trima adalah games nyanyi yg kalu liriknya salah kena semprot, plis deh. gw merasa itu pure milik 1n2d walopun cara menghukumnya ga sama persis… *tarik napas*

  3. emang sih siapa aja bisa niru apapun…hanya kan kalo mrk competitor..mbok ya’o ngali sesuatu yg laen gitu loh

  4. kmrn sabtu gw nonton 1n2d yg guest actress dan kalu ga salah itu syutingnya bulan mei kmrn ya.. disitu gw liat ada kamera khusus yg dipake untuk membuat artis biar keliatan makin cantik. gw ga tau itu kamera apa tapi biasanya dipake di MV or movie..pas liat itu gw langsung ngeh pernah ngeliat kamera kek gitu di RM, beberapa kali malah. cuma awalnya RM make bukan dalam rangka apa2 alias tiba2 aja tuh kamera muncul di RM. gw sempet curiga ini kamera ngapain muncul di RM kalu ga ada yg special trus kamera itu muncul lagi pas guest di RM cewek GB. ada anak f(x) en miss A.

    mungkin bagi sebagian orang ini hal sepele yg ga penting dibahas tapi bagi gw ini bisa dibilang nyontek karna:
    – 1n2d yg duluan make tuh kamera
    – kamera ini jarang bgt dipake di variety show bahkan sejauh yg gw inget 1n2d cuma make neh camera pas actress special doang

    • itu mungkin pake kamera HD, dan pas trip ke namsan, kamera itu sering dipake.
      dan kayaknya emang 1n2d yang mengilhami pemakaian kamera HD selayaknya kamera yang biasa VJ pake; karena udah rahasia umum kalo RM itu lebih maen nama guest star buat ngambil penonton (oops)

  5. hmmm, yang penting 1n2d tetap the best…anjing menggonggong kafilah berlalu hehehehe, karena omongan begitu hanya bagi yg tidak mengenal 1n2d

  6. ane penggemar dua variety show itu…
    so I like both…but since I met ilbak first, it holds a special place in my heart (cccieeee….kkk)
    but no doubt for me that ilbak is also quite famous internationally…not less that RM…
    okay!!! hihihi
    since the concept of ilbak is to travel around korea n promote their country as a wonderfull place to travel…
    I’m sure like million percent that if ilbak member go n shooting overseas the proof of their popularity is enormous….the fans will stalk them..(including me…hehehe)
    so many people begin their interest in korea because they watch ilbak…rite!!!
    (I’m one of them, I’m sure there are a lot out there…)
    I also realize there are several things in ilbak that also used in RM…
    but ilbak is the best for me…the difference about ilbak from another variety show is that itleaves a deep impact, a deep impression, memories to all of it’s viewers…no doubt!!!
    peace y’all… hehehe

    • ilbak is not less popular that RM…okay…hihihi

    • True, I do enjoy RM too, but since Ilbak is the first one which strike me, I love Ilbak more, moreover, I love the oldie version of RM more, when there still hide and seek with tinkling bell on their shoes.

      Guess i can’t blame them, Running Man power is the guest, the guest is the one who move them (and the fans).
      I guess Ilbak’s fans in Indonesia is come from older fans (both of age and the length of korean thingy), thus enjoy the family and brotherhood more.
      I’m not saying Running Man don’t have that, but really, I miss the older episode when the relationship between them is sincere and feel real, for now..it seem forced and scripted. I miss the time when Gwang Soo is not just the weak one, but as a framer (how long that he he had lost the framer touch) and Haha is not just a betrayer.

      I do sincere in saying this, Running Man, please back to your sincere self.

      PS: SBS, please stop any kind of promotion which too prominent in all of your variety show, it’s too Obvious!!

  7. Haha, love the way you defense for our favorite show 😀
    About the games, I guess RM has clear disadvantage because 1N2D is a game heaven that there is hardly any game they haven’t played lol

    Anyway, just a minor question, are you watching 1N2D Season 2?

    • Dear ha.art!
      I Watch running man sometimes, and though they are popular now, but their old format is the one that i love. Talking about this with friends, and they said yes, this article was written when ‘Running Man’ lose their identity, sad to see that

      I attempt to watch season 2, but stuck in episode 2 right now. the new group has new potential in them ^^

  8. wow… glad to know that we share the same interest and love for 1N2D! Man, how I love those boys~ even the evil Na PD! I don’t think any other shows have such a strong brotherhood and originality as 1n2D, really. Ow yeah and sometimes I can’t stand my friends who adore Running Man too much, haha! And mostly they KNOW NOTHING about 1N2D. *sigh* I really miss the first season. And although I have many favorite eps, my favorite moments are the two pictures *both the old version with Mong and KIm C in it and the one with Tae Woong* where the boys run and jump towards the sunset. Somehow those moments got me teary, really.

    oh and btw, did they *the RM production staff* really copy many things from 1N2D? What a shame! Well, let’s think this way: that 1N2D is just too awesome and daebak that other varieties feel like they need to copy many 1N2D’s ways, lol.

    • I’m so..so missing them… I think I’m withdrawal of my boys now kkk~
      That’s the difference of 1n2d(season1), it doesn’t depend on their guest, and their acts is genuine, including their betrayal. I don’t hate running man, in fact, I’m enjoying it, depend on who is the guest *cough*again*
      I made this post after the SNSD special, because I can’t stand it anymore, this episode is the prominent episode WHICH strongly showing the copy-paste acts from 1n2d elements. I mean, jumping rope, elephant nose is a public games, yea maybe it could be the same game, but singing with a specific score? *rolling eyes* Morning mission? *rolling eyes again*
      I’ve discussed this matter with friends who watch both shows, and yes, they admit there are times when Running Man staff ‘lose’ their identity and formatting this show to almost similar with 1n2d. They seem back on the track now *sigh of relieve*

      Do we have some cure for our withdrawal symptoms? hehehe

  9. tapii RM lbh trkenal scr intrnational y..
    aq harus ngasih rayuan maut tingkat dewa spy tman2q mw nnton 1n2d..
    blm nnton udh blng g seru, kata mereka cba ada guest grrr, aq malah g rela ada trus2an guest..
    pas ep ada beast aja mereka mw nnton, eh mereka suka..
    aq cmn blng TELLLLAAATT..

    • hahaha..padahal yang beast (viewer’s 3 kan?) itu beast cuma manggung doang
      that’s the difference between 1n2d 😉 they are funny from the core

      klo yang satu itu, bergantung sama guestnya sih

  10. Hi Regi! Agreed with the copy cat thing! Oh dear..How I missed 1n2d season 1 😦 hmmm… I’m ordering eps 27-242 kkkkk…. cant wait the shipping!

  11. 2D1N kerennn…Runningman ‘debag’ budgetnya doanggggg.. 2D1N ‘debag’ ide2 kreatif dr PDnya, Writer and membersnya…calll??????

  12. Excuse me?????mybe RM copy from 2d1n but not all of the game..btw,RM totally difrent from 2d1n…U know,2d1n m3mber in real life are not really close like in the show…I think the games that in 2d1n are exist before the show…

    • excuse me, can you see the date when I wrote it? Thank you. And btw, I put the link why I think I need to put this post here. isn’t it? read it completely, unless someone has deleted that the reason article

  13. Oh forget to tell you,that our nation mc yoo jae sook are really daebak!he really humble when he won some awards.Rm is popular in overseas

    • forgot to ask you, do I mention something horrible about Jaesuk? Who talk about humbleness?
      I’, a kind person, but I can’t tolerate if someone messing in my area, and moreif he/she is out of topic and say something I don’t even mention.

  14. i feel RM in the latest eps that i watched (eps 140-156) are really losing its charms, well to me especially. i feel these latest eps are too much scripting involved and some very sloppy editing by the editing/creative team. but try saying this in a RM forum and i would stir up the bees nest, and draw heat from RM fanatics. but seeing this post i i totally agree that some of the games are either adaptations or straight up copy from previous variety shows, one i can remember is X-man, i saw a few of them being implemented in RM. maybe due to the fact that the PD or creative team are made up of mostly of the same team from previous variety show or might there be a SBS mandate to make it the same due to previous success the games were in past SBS variety show.

    • Nice to hear your opinion. Though this post was written more than one year ago, I still remember clearly that Actually I didn’t too mind about the games, but more about how the PD build a similar taste to 1n2d, and how they keep appeared in screen…umm…no 1n2d copy cat please

  15. A silly post, I must say. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions but seriously don’t you know that no one overseas knows who is the cast of 1n2d. Rm will forever be the most original variety show despite the spiteful comments critics have made. In conclusion, I do think rm is the best cuz why? They are still going strong with so many fan meetings and episodes with better guests and plots than ever.

    • I so agree with you. I mean I like 1n2d and all but I really love Running Man because of their original concept, character and games. And most of all I LOVE the way Running Man is able to connect to people all around the world. In that sense I truly feel that Running Man has achieved the title of an International Program.

      On the other hand 1n2d is fun but it’s not really relatable to people from other countries. i think that you must be a hardcore Hallyu fan to understand and follow the jokes and concept of 1n2d.

      That said I enjoy both programs for it’s individuality and “unique-ness”. Long live Running Man and 1n2d.

      Running Man and 1n2d, Fighting!!! : )

  16. At last I found a place that give review about 1N2D Season 1 and Running Man. In my case, I start with watching Running Man on 2011 then I watch 1N2D Season 2 on 2013 which currently aired on that time. I felt like why 1N2D Season 2 is so boring? Maybe because of repeating the same format with bokbulbok and obviously no guest unless for special episode. Then every time I search about 1N2D Season 2, it will appear about 1N2D Season 1 especially in Wikipedia they wrote more details about season 1 than season 2. So I become more curious and because of that I search and watch full ep of 1N2D Season 1. First episode with Lee Seung Gi first filming for 1N2D Season 1. Omo otoke? It’s too funny and sincerely I got hooked by this program day by day. I watch atleast 4 episode per day. After Seung Gi join then MC Mong completing the cast and everything become a perfect combination. Seriously eventhough they don’t invite guest, eventhough they keep repeating bokbulbok but I feel so close with the cast. The production team is daebak too. Maybe 1N2D Season 1 not popular internationally because its not from SBS like Family Outing & Running Man but 1N2D Season 1 is very popular and a must watch program among Korean. Furthermore, 1N2D Season 1 beat Family Outing Season 1 in term of time slot rating. Same goes to Family Outing Season 2 and Running Man as they can’t beat 1N2D Season 1 which consistently conquering the time slot. But everything change when 1N2D Season 1 end and continue with Season 2. Rating start to drop and Running Man or Real Man conquering the time slot. As an avid fan of k-variety show, although Running Man captured my heart first as I start watch it first but I can’t deny my heart, 1N2D Season 1 is the best k-variety show I ever seen. 1N2D Season 1 is three time more funny, more entertaining than Running Man. Sorry to any Running Man fans who read my post, I’m an avid fan of Running Man too as I keep follow the show every week but I simply can’t deny how great and daebak is 1N2D Season 1. To all Running Man fans who doesn’t accept my opinion, you guys should watch 1N2D Season 1 from the first episode then you guys will know why I said 1N2D Season 1 is much better than Running Man. As for newbie fan of 1N2D, you guys must know that Season 2 and Season 3 is not that great, they seem like ruined the original show and can’t be compared with daebak 1N2D Season 1. As conclusion, I really love 1N2D Season 1 cast in which they are much better than Running Man cast. Seriously! If Running Man had Yoomes Bond, Haroro, Gary Stress, Mong Jihyo, Impala Sukjin, Sparta Jongkook & Giraffe Kwangsoo, it still can’t beat 1N2D Season 1 superb hilarious cast. I love Siberian Tiger Kang Ho Dong especially his super loud voice, I love Wild Monkey MC Mong, Eunchoding Jiwon, Mr. Not Too Sick Kim C, Witty Man Lee Su Geun and of course most favourite super cutie Heodang Lee Seung Gi. In addition of course 1N2D Season 1 become great with white cutie Sanggeun, Na PD, Lee PD, Yu PD, Writer Daeju, Hunseok (MC Mong’s manager) etc. As for Jongmin and Taewoong hmm I like them but I would prefer 6 original member of 1N2D Season 1. Whatever it is, yet until today, 1N2D Season 1 still the best k-variety show I ever seen as it unscripted, just have a flow of program but unscripted and the most important thing is 1N2D Season 1 is full with adlib from the cast. The cast know what the best for variety show and that’s why I love 1N2D Season 1 more than other k-variety ^^

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  19. dude like seriously …..der’s no comparison b/w RM and 2days n 1 night….wat a worthless read…..RM is like i don know wat to say……bullshit article

  20. i believe in yah gurl.. there was actually sn interview wherein kim jongkook said that he almost quit rm because of 2d1n hodong haha… rm has low viewership and copycat which is why it copies what 2d1n does…

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