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Here I am

So..Here I am

no, I’m not talking about the title song. I wrote this as a remembrance of my own self, my young, selfless, non boundary self.

It feels just like yesterday, I step in into this territory and I’m still not getting out. I said my reason was to not trapped into comfort zone, yet I’think I’m quite aware this IS now my comfort zone. When I am in this territory, I just need to do one obligation and not the others.

This time hasn’t passed away yet. So it is not meet the requirement to be a memory. Does this time also need to remembered? I do, the choice is mine, and I prefer to.

Because, tomorrow may be like today, or tomorrow might be yesterday, thus I record it in screen. Because, maybe tomorrow I’ll read it with smile in my face, or does the tears stream down across. Who will know?

Now I shall remember what my purpose is, or yet, to make new purpose.

I shall prepare myself to that new walk

because, here I am