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Does Running Man a Number One Sunday Variety Show in South Korea?

My answer: Meh…

Running Man

This is my first time to post something outside ‘fun’ in this beloved blog. You know, I love peace, really, but somehow these facts keep bugging me so I decide to write some of it off.

Particularly, this post was triggered by some groundless article in soompi, -soompi, my dear soompi who usually goes non biased and become my trustful source- that made statement as below:

  1. Running Man is back on the top
  2. Now, “Running Man” is the number one variety show on Sundays

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Okay, so for THESE groundless statement, I declare that those two statement is wrong!

First, in term of rating, Running Man NEVER going on the top before! So there is no need to give emphasis for BACK, even more ON THE TOP, since it, until I wrote this post, never happened.

Second, and this is what this post talk along the page, to said Running Man is the number one show in sunday is obviously premature. The statement for sure is groundless, Nothing can prove that RM is number one show, not even rating nor critics said so, it just the author of the article. For example, when the author said RM is number one, should I tell you that RM achieve 13% point etc while, the ‘previous number ONE variety show’ 1 night 2 Days just get 25% point blah blah? Double checking, I’m obviously sure that there is percentage behind the number, so does getting half percentage of 1N2D viewers make you number one variety Show?

In term of quality? Don’t joke! 1 Night 2 Days might be not as popular as Running Man internationally, but this show, along as the member and some staff’s name is a household knowledge in South Korea. This is the show that not only survive for years, or just leading the rating, this show Continue reading