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[Fan Account] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Indonesia – part i (airport)


First, for whom who read my fan account, I’d like to apologize for the lack of Photo (or in exact word: none), I have no time to hold camera, thus I left it everyday and had no time to take it back T___T, I’d update the post sometimes with pic from internet, to give a better description of what happened that day.

For now, this is my fan account….


Seung Gi’s flight is via Garuda Indonesia #821, which would landed 13.50 on schedule. The weather was cloudy and a bit raining. Ever since 11 o’clock, airen from all over the country had gathered in Terminal 2E, some come from outside Java and still no news whether he’d step out from regular gate or through VIP one. Ah stress~

We’re waiting anxiously around 2E gate, met Airen whom we met in Singapore FM before, and some other names whom we just know in Internet world (and snapped some photos for sure LOL). Then we spotted Mr. Munial, walked in to gate 2E, it’s just like a confirmation that Seung Gi would walked out through this gate. We approached him, that was my first time conversed with Mr. Munial, and oh my, he is so so friendly! Somehow I can imagine Seung Gi walking in Jakarta crowd accompanied by Mr. Munial ^^. So, the Big Boss questioned us (Oh, and btw, I’m with From Airen Indonesia’s Admin by the way), about preparation, hinting about the change of  LED in MTA to “Welcome to Jakarta, Lee Seung Gi” at the moment he stepped out from airport –exciting isn’t it? I know^^- He asked us to build a barricade after the bodyguards and to coordinate with them. He also asked us about what happened in Malaysia, and to be honest, none of  us knew it well since we’re busy with our project,  After all Mr. Munial said “Lee Seung Gi him self seem very nice, despite any condition he still gave his best” and THAT sentence just makes me proud all over again toward our King.

cr: @margaretha_ip

To shorten time, we relocated and arranged Airen outside the gate. Time was ticking, and the bodyguards appeared, wohoooo, they are so big that their upper arms as big as my calves -note: I’m a fat girl, so can you imagine how big the bodyguards are? The bodyguards formed two barricades, one for each side. As expected, the barricades were shorter compared than the number of Airen. Act as ordered before, me and friends placed ourselves after the Big-Bodies-men to build a longer barricade. I linked my arm to the last bodyguard who seem surprised when I did do, but smiled back when he saw my other arm linked to other airen. And here comes the seconds of waiting. While waiting, Giena, who stood beside me, trembling from head to toe, I was worried since she looked like she could faint anytime. But, I didn’t do anything since I know Giena would insisted to be there. At that time I just hope Giena was too nervous because she finally gotta see the king for real.

cr: @margaretha_ip

If you are interested, I’m not there *grin*

We got news that Seung Gi’s flight delayed, but this is Garuda Airline we’re talking about, the airlines that consider 5 minutes as a delayment, so we’re keeping aware. Our odd crowd gathered interest from airport visitors, many of them gatehered with us as well, PLUS this is the time of the Hajj going home, can you imagine how crowded was over there? The bodyguards loved to tease us A LOT, made false alarm and that “this is a diversion”, yea~ yea~ we believe in you..=___=*keep linking arms*  After a few times false alarm, suddenly I felt the air tensed, the bodyguard before me tightening the linked arm, and then ….. A car appeared from nowhere, HE IS COMING!!!

cr: inconnukoma

And there he was, walked out of gate, dazzling and glowing more than I’ve ever seen. I suddenly remember that he used to be that tall, but this is my first time realize he has that very long legs. I heard screaming all over around me, and he was SMILING! THANKS GOD! While I was in trance, dazed out by his shining smile, the barricade moved abruptly. The bodyguards were walking to the side, hence resulted in pushing our additional barricade. Thankfully THESE LITTLE GIRLS able to manage steps and dind’t fell over. They walked very fast, and next time I knew, he had entered the car and I was standing on the Asphalt road, gasping, wondering when and  why did I reached the asphalt?  LOL. What a difference of  professional and the amateur barricade! All I can remember while moving was that he was all smiling, dazzling more than I’ve ever remember. A bit disappointed though since I saw him only for a few seconds, but I’d like to say: “ Good Job Mr. Munial! “

After regained my composed mind, I was looking around and found Uri Airen in various condition. I saw them hugged each other, cried, sat in the floor dazed out, some of them mumbled “how handsome” and some other jumping excitedly hahaha. Saw them like that, I think my reaction in Singapore last time was normal after all.

PS: all barricade airen left me to chase Seung Gi! OOOIIIII~ *grumbling

-to be continue at part ii:  Press Conference

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2 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Indonesia – part i (airport)

  1. Waiting for the next part kak ! ^^
    Thanks for the story

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