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Announcing: Huge Upload Awaited!

Today (30th April) is my Birthday, so I’m planning to make a party here…

Yeah, I’m planning to upload a huge collection of mine in this blog. Since my major interest is music, so the upload surely will consist of many albums (not just a single like I’ve done before!)

The fully list will be updated tomorrow (maybe??) or any time I have done it. So stay tuned friends, you’ll like this!

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Hearing Announcement!!!

I’ve changed my blog themes so I could make more benefit of the columns.

And here it is the happy annoucement:

I’ve add box.net in my widget lists, so You can heard the song I’ve reviewed here.

The song is placed on the green box at the right side of this blog (oh you’ve seen it!), you can choose which one you wish to heard, and you can download it from there too! So there are two links right now, one is on mediafire (when you read the article, the faster link to download), and the other is direct link from box.net.

Enjoy It!

PS: For album, I just upload one song each, it just a sample for you to taste it, and the buy the legal album.