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Ung Kwi Ba Ram-Hwang Jin Yi Soundtrack

I’m in ballad mood!
Yeah, I’m so busy..so busy until I can’t upload my promise of huge upload :), I must get my report done for yesterday (Well I think that I’m so lucky since I’ve got extending time, and I gotta chance to report it in Monday, Thanks!). The song which I’m uploading right now is

Ung Kwi Ba Ram, one of Hwang Jin Yi OST.

The drama usually play this song when it comes to dance scene or the training, and seriously, It’s not techno or remix, but this song is a real dance mood!

I can feel my body began to move after hearing the instrumental played. I love the drama as well, it’s about a Gisaeng in Korean’s history and probably I will share about it some other day, but today just enjoy the song in the box.net and mediafire.