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that title might be the most appropriate words to say


ever since november last year, I’ve been indulged and drown in my own life, despair, happiness, all things mixed into one. And if you ever known me before, I’m really not into the stable state, I just dont care how the capital letter will display, and I don’t think about it.


My fan account no.3 and 4 is delayed as you’ve known, just because the real life taken my time about too much, but we should accept it do we? *sigh*

The problem is, I can’t write, my fan account no 3 contains despair and tiring, you may sense that I’m bit mad at that one. While my no.4…hmmm… I lost them along with my phone 1 month ago, all the drafts..the detail. Am I sad? Yes, I am, but none other make me sadder that two of my friends was forced to drop out the program that I’m belong now. Heck for all the system, I’m questioning humanity in this program now. How can we behold of humanity when the managerial is just less about it?


and just today, I’m mistakenly almost took a life, my close friend…coincidentally of course, but there are responsibilities for all things, for all suggestion you make. so.. to be say, I’m really in desperate condition. Not to mention my round wil come in less than 2 weeks, I’m afraid what this program will makes me later.


so, dear friend, I beg you, please keep talkin to me, even though I don’t answer, because you all arevthe one that kep my sanity now. …

*end of ranting*








Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

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