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[Fan Account] Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Indonesia – part ii (Press Conference)

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After separated our way and finally gathered back, gulped some spoonfuls of laksa and a bit touch up, we (me, Ella, April, Mich, Ulil and Dije) ready our self to face Seung Gi in the fansign. Bad for me, I left my ‘war equipment’ in the base camp, say hi to oily face =___= at last Ella handed me wet tissue, and Mich lend me her lip gloss, well at least I’m not a frying pan ready to fry eggs :p

Reached the area, it turn out the fan signing was delayed until next day, but fan signing pass holder (by other mean us) were allowed to enter the press conference zone, well, standing it isthe queue is a very long looongg queue! Worst… our group was the last one to queue!*bite handkerchief* But somehow, I’m glad we’re the last one, It’s a rendezvous, I met a lot, talk a lot. Do you think we’d stood still while queuing? Dare to say so! We’re mingling here and there, greet airen from all over the country, from other country, complaining a little bit, chitchat a lot ;), all in high sprit!.

While mingling, I left the queue (who cares by the way? I am the last one :p) until suddenly I heard excited scream, turning my head over, I ran back to the queue, asked others“Has he came? Has he? Where? Where is he now??” And the scream was heard all over again, it was deafening, jinjja!! I saw airen turn their head over the left side, and a few airen ran desperately to the lift over there. So yes, he came! We jumping excitedly like little girl ~, but, but where is he? Why didn’t we saw any glimpse of him? Ah, Mr. Munial hid him in the backstage tent, those two special indoor tents, for our king. Ah Sir, you don’t understand any fangirling things, don’t you? As expected, for each time any movement was seem from the tents, there were uproar among airen xb

Do you see the two cones? mr. Munial hid Seung gi there^^
Plus the super comfy sofa~

Waiting, queuing, and waiting, finally we’re allowed to enter the zone. It was difficult to find nice spot though, That was truly the moment I regretted my short stature T___T. Finally, Melly Munial appeared, she was the MC, greeted us with “annyeong haseyo” and we greeted her back out loud, including me who jumped and tiptoeing. After read the sponsors of the event, finally Melly let someone came to stage, SCREEEEAMMM but turn out it was Mr. Muly Munial *booo*sorry Sir :p* after another few words, finally..she presented us…LEE SEUNG GI!!

He seem surprised wasn’t he?
cr: gokpop

And there he was! Stepped out from back stage tent, waved to left and right with his.oh. humble. sincerest. smile. I fell all over again for his appearance that night, he was using black blazer with gold hint, and black trousers, so.so. handsome. And HIS HAIR was straight!! No ahjuma’s curly hair, no absurd long hair! Yaiyyy!! Seung Gi, Seriously, NEAT look suited you the most!

“Apa kabar Indonesia? Saya Lee Seung Gi”

“Apa kabar Indonesia, selamat malam! Saya Lee Seung Gi” (How are you Indonesia, Good Evening, I am Lee Seung Gi), he greeted us all with charming smile. And I love that greeting very much, so good, very good accent, almost like a real Indonesian.

He sat down on the sofa (which I later realized looked very comfy and must be verrrryyyy expensive). While Mr. Munial introduced him, -jokingly said that airen persisted to keep Lee Seung Gi for at least a week here, which *uhuk* was true- I noticed that Seung Gi can’t stop glance left and right, so I looked left, and right, and up… AND I almost couldn’t believe what I saw! All FIVE floors of Taman Anggrek Mall was full! I looked at my back, OMO!! There is no difference either, FULL HOUSE!! Omo, omo!! It was AMAZING!! I poke Mich and swear I will never able to forget what she said “this is amazing, crazily amazing”.

The crowd was really amazing! For each time Seung Gi move his finger, smile or wave back to the crowd, airen SCREEEEAM excitedly XD. There was a moment he tidy his bang and we’re screaming crazily XD, He seemed flustered since he didn’t realize what caused us to scream and Mr. Munial just laughed at it LOL. Finally, Melly need to ask Seung Gi to NOT MOVE (since our scream truli deafening :b), LOL. He was like “Eh? Ok, ok”. Later, he tried so hard to not make us excited, tried to not glance everywhere (CUTE!), bit his lips (UBER CUTE!), not waving back (ok, this was annoying since girl in front of me keep waving at her PRIMAAAA) and even hid his smile with hand. The latter was an utter fail since his pose resembled the background photo and successfully initiate the scream (again).

waving…and there’s scream, LOL

I’ll try to not laugh (but why you are so cute oppa??)

What about the media question? Most of the interesting point was credited to Seung Gi. The conference press was just a proof of how smart and witty person he is. When a reporter greeted him “annyeong haseyo”, he wittily replied “Apa kabar?”. Some of the questions were so lame, such as how could you get “younger national brother” award? or the skipped question, about army duty (Me: again? Do you think you’d looked smart to ask this??). (Gladly, while I cursed the reporter from back, Seung Gi kindly explaining to the reporter, mostly, “maybe because I always appear so in Television” and yet, airen were falling all over again for his humbleness). My favorite question came from korea.com, the lady asked Seung Gi to say a few words of encouragement to cheer Indonesian students who partake the exam. Which he replied shyly, “I’m truly sorry, but I am not the right person to said so, since I’m not a good student either”, which we, airen asked him back, “why??” he was flabbergasted by the reaction and silently chuckled. “thus, you lied~”*singing* kekeke. Oh Seung Gi-ya~ we knew you’re so smart, yet you didn’t need to keep your profile low.

There were several other questions which our reaction surprised him. A reporter asked about Kang Ho Dong’s return to variety show (later did I knew she was SH, the reporter from trax FM who interview him the next day) and we cheered. “You know Kang Ho Dong?” he sound astounded, and we answered “Ne~”, he make a perfect O form with his mouth kkk~. But SH later mistaken KHD’s return as Strong Heart before shoot him another question “when will you come back to variety show as well?” we’re protesting and screaming “Star King!!”. She seem flustered and apologized for her mistake while Seung Gi seem astonished. He answered, “If I were given a chance and the program suited me very well, I will gladly accept it”, We replied him with loud cheers. I do missed you in variety Seung Gi-ya~

He also has this kind of face^^

By the end of the session, a reporter asked him to sing for a preview of his mini concert next day, which me and other airens (whom I know would attend fan meeting next day )replied unconsciously, “Hissssss”-well, Airen could be very sweet but also could be very stingy as well. But Seung Gi as sweet as he is, asked back, if there is any request for fan meeting next day. Most of us shouted “Will You Marry Me”, and he laughed, “OK! I’ll sing it tomorrow”, Melly stared at us and jokingly said under her breath “you wish~”, hehe, you know what we mean Melly :p

The conference press ended with Mr. Munial gave “DAMN I Love Indonesia” T-shirt to Seung Gi (and…now we knew why VJ Daniel tweet about the FM last day). After photo session, he stepped down from the stage and escorted back to hotel.

end of Press Conference
cr: loeisa

I didn’t try to catch him since MTA played “Will You Marry Me” and I was hypnotized by the song. Me, April and other airen who still in euphoria were dancing along. While dancing, I noticed someone point their camera handphone to us, but since it’s an airen-we saw her in the airport-…we didn’t care…but later we (I and April) realized…why so long? and OMO! That eonni (later I know as Haneul eonni who came in the 1st day offline sales) wasn’t taking our picture, she recorded it! Aigooo! I panicked –whatever you said, if it’s a video, it’s embarrassing!!- and approached her wanting to ask “what is the video for?”, but suddenly she gave me a pen with Jae Ha’s icon. Yaiyyyy! I’m so happy and grateful for her, smiles broadly..and showing it off to my airen friends …until I realized, this WASN’T my intention approaching her! But when I looked back, that eonni had gone!

Uhuhu ..Why did I bribed easily with a pen? T^T But there’s no time to euphoria nor embarrassed anymore ….deadline projects are coming and we’re in hurry

-to be continued at next part: part iii: Booth of hell and Fan Signing-

photo credit: as labeled

Te later part need long time though, I haven’t written it yet…urhhh

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