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Review (ending) – The King 2Hearts


It’s difficult to conclude this series in simple words/sentence.

The most appropriate word for this drama is maybe: what a roller coaster ride this is!

First of all, I must admit that this drama isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Mostly because of development of the story as well as the background plot, its squeeze every little drop in your brain, hence when you fall for it you fall hard, and when you don’t like it you just dont. The prominent strength of this drama is the weakness as well. The drama shove a lot (may be too much) of information at one time and makes it difficult to digest in one gulp. Thus, viewers need (and I emphasize it again: NEED) to discuss, to ask and sometimes, (more likely, often) google in order to understand, not just a mere knowing, most of the background. By experience, I can say that digging the infos make me appreciate the drama more and more, and accepting the logic of the writer.

This drama is a kind that never do things too little, there are misery, sadness, sarcasm, insult, some of them hurts a lot, but with open mind at the end this drama left us a fuller feeling. The King 2Hearts, isn’t a mere entertainment, but also a lesson toward life, toward reality for those who willing to embrace and reflect back.

Let’s start the review:


All the relationship was began from here:

1st Cast Board

The Casts

The most prominent problem prior among fans before the airing is AGE GAP. Predictable, since Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s gap is 9 years, add the fact that  Seung Gi is in younger side. Even me feel the doubt.. Not just that, Lee Seung Min who plays his hyung was 20 years apart, and even Lee Yoon Ji Continue reading


Midway Review: The King 2Hearts (Drama)

-This post was written at the end of episode 10 of The King 2Hearts-

Watch this drama because of Lee Seung Gi, and I don’t wanna be a hypocrite by add other initiate reason. Up until Lee Seung Gi was casted, I don’t care for any word for this drama, no matter that the heroine is Ha Ji Won, or the writer and director is the key factor behind Beethoven Virus, Lee Seung Gi is my turning point, yes, I am that shallow.

Now, I am at the point of addicted, obsessed, or add any other words that describe somebody who always longing for this drama. Dare to say, It’s not Lee Seung Gi effect in me (as usual), it’s because the drama itself, in simple word, is AWESOME. Terrific. Superb. anything other that make me speechless.

Enough about me (and my obsession), we’ll talk about the drama now.

[Spoiler Alert]

-The Grand Picture-

Correlation Chart

Correlation Chart

Concluding by my self, each week of this drama has its own topic, the emotional connection for each pair of an episode is needed. The drama starts at a fast pace, a brief introduction (hiding some future hint), less conflict and much comedy (OH! How I miss the comedy!), dark comedy it is. In the first week, we’ll get more about the characters, their background, shortly, mere introduction. The second week, we were introduced to underneath problems: South-North Korea difference in ideality, pride, and prejudice within, trust problem, which all of them is just a small picture of the future problem(s). Let’s breathe a sigh of relieve in the 3rd week, I called this romance week, there is no CLEAR evidence of a political issue in this week, just the growing feeling between the pair. 4th week presents us tears as its main dishes, the back-to-back episode led and provide the viewers very delicious family moment as an appetizer, just to reveal a heavy choice of the dishes, they add a slightly sweet taste of romance and familial thingy to chill your feeling, but not enough to digest all the tears. As 5th week going on…you heard heartbroken everywhere, misunderstand piling, emotion bursting and layers revealed.

-The Characters-

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Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi!: Analyze Lee Seung Gi Evolution

Today is January 13th 2011, which is the most important date for all AIREN in the world ^_^ (me included).


Well since it’s our favorite’s star birthday,  most of us already celebrating it by our own way, and for me this is the way:  I’d like to summarize the change and improvement of this all around entertainer (previously I intend to put metamorphose as the title, but since metamorphose impression is something bad turn into something good-and as all of you know that he is good since start-, I’m erasing that and change it into evolution –tough it’s reminding me for that suck DBE).

Here there are a glimpse of his “EVOLUTION”

Music:Who would guess this little rocker would turn out being a ballader whose get the title of Digital Single King?

From a boy who love the older woman (noona, You’re my Woman) into a man who confess his feeling (From Now on I Love You).

No need long description for this. The huge shift from rock into ballad (or rather from husky powerful vocal into fine voice) has turn out smoothly. Thank you very much for Lee Sun Hee who discovered, and training him for years, resulting his husky voice become something totally charming with extra ordinary technique, totally love the feels that he always hinted on each song.

Appearance: From a boy into a man

I took those photos as example, since they are took by the same man, it should rule out one bias at least, isn’t it?

In his very 1st photo, he was holding baby as a teenage big brother. Wrapping hands tightly all around the baby, for me this pose was giving impression like he was afraid to accidentally dropping the baby, more over he just giving us a slight (or rather, hinted) smile (but that’s photo is totally good, as we can see the face was not the annoyed face that Joon Ji Hoon made).

In 2009, he bloomed a relaxed attitude, smiling wider and held the baby steadily within his arms, and giving us the familiarity feeling of the baby and Lee Seung Gi himself. You’ll find this photo more exciting, if you had watched the video of Behind The Scene, check it in LSGfan.

In 2010, we see him as a young father with his baby (^^), his smile is wider, relaxer attitude, and the arms was guiding the baby gently. Practices really made perfect right? But through these photos we can see, This boy surely has grown up, he had trough evolution into a man. (I know my comments like an anti here but I really need to show the difference!)

Style: ‘Cool’ versus charming

In the first photo we see Lee Seung Gi try to act Continue reading


MC Mong + Lee Seung Gi : Love Letter Performance

Yipppi!! Yesterday I’m so happy! Despite the connection problem, my reason is nonetheless than the news about MC Mong 2nd Trial. You may check the news in koreaboo or 1n2dfansubs if you interested to adding great comment.

I won’t share the news here, honestly since I think they are the rightful owner to give credit to.

To show my happiness, I’d like to share a great performance of MC Mong together with any Mother’s Favorite/Eom-chin-ah, –uhm..me too, Tough I’m not an Eomma- and also known as his little brother in 1n2d, Lee Seung Gi.

Both of them performed their signature songs on the Special Episode of Love letter, the 300th episode. (Wrong: Love letter is Korean Variety show where the starsdo the romance game) Thanks to Katja to notice this mistake. The right one: The show named Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter,(replaced by Lee Hana’s Peppermint on November 2008) and featuring lives performance and interview of the stars (I don’t know much difference of LL and peppermint, gonna try to find the detail later). MC Mong entertained the audiences with I love You Oh Thank You (originally sung featuring Kim Tae Woo from G.O.D) and Lee Seung Gi with Noona nae yojanikka (Because Noona, You are My Woman), his debut song.

A great collaboration! The performance taken in 2008, I believe, a bit ironic since few months later the show ended.

Here is the first:

I love you oh thank you!

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Lee Seung Gi – I love You From Now On

Actually, after all the commotion of MC Mong, I’d love to post his lyrics (and songs) more in this blog. But as the sake of support of the show, I’d deciding to upload this one: The newest and latest (seems the last too) OST of My Girlfriend is A Gumiho (a.k.a MGIG) Drama from Lee Seung Gi: I Love You from Now On, or also known as: Love Starts Now, or Love Starts From Now On.

You can hear the song in boxnet in the right side of this main page or (there are some problem, It didn’t show up, gaack! Gonna fix it) download it from the link below, in full post.

-Click for full lyric and download link!>