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MC Mong: Collaboration(s)

First, please receive my pardon for absent in the last whole week, honestly I want to share this last week, but the internet connection always made me mad! I only could connect trough smart phone, but as you know they won’t allow me to made some creativity…

Back into topic! Relating to the titles, No, It’s not performance as my last posts. But Yes, as the title said: Here are the list of MC Mong’s collaborations.

Most of fans probably know that one of MC Mong’s album strong points is his collaboration with another singer. His perfectionism lead him to collaborating with other great singers such as: Lena Park (Love you till I Die), Seon Heok from SG Wanna Be (Butterfly Effect), Park Hyo Shin (Prayer), NAVI (Luv D.N.A) and probably the most famous one of his earlier solo career I love You Oh Thank You, feat Kim Tae Woo fro G.O.D.

The list is about the songs that unlisted in his album, which means they are exists on other artist albums, or just released as a single. All of them have been uploaded (*wink), but in 4shared.

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MC Mong + Lee Seung Gi : Love Letter Performance

Yipppi!! Yesterday I’m so happy! Despite the connection problem, my reason is nonetheless than the news about MC Mong 2nd Trial. You may check the news in koreaboo or 1n2dfansubs if you interested to adding great comment.

I won’t share the news here, honestly since I think they are the rightful owner to give credit to.

To show my happiness, I’d like to share a great performance of MC Mong together with any Mother’s Favorite/Eom-chin-ah, –uhm..me too, Tough I’m not an Eomma- and also known as his little brother in 1n2d, Lee Seung Gi.

Both of them performed their signature songs on the Special Episode of Love letter, the 300th episode. (Wrong: Love letter is Korean Variety show where the starsdo the romance game) Thanks to Katja to notice this mistake. The right one: The show named Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter,(replaced by Lee Hana’s Peppermint on November 2008) and featuring lives performance and interview of the stars (I don’t know much difference of LL and peppermint, gonna try to find the detail later). MC Mong entertained the audiences with I love You Oh Thank You (originally sung featuring Kim Tae Woo from G.O.D) and Lee Seung Gi with Noona nae yojanikka (Because Noona, You are My Woman), his debut song.

A great collaboration! The performance taken in 2008, I believe, a bit ironic since few months later the show ended.

Here is the first:

I love you oh thank you!

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Cho Yong Pil – Now I Wish It was So (in 1n2d episode 174)

This is probably the most emotional part I’ve made in this blog. Until now, I never openly show my support for MC Mong in this blog. I just show it through my comments in other blog and posting about his lyrics in here, but hearing this song is remembering me of him. The song itself played in 1 night 2 days episode 174, during the sleeping time. Somehow I feel like Mong saying good bye through this song. It’s weird, since I don’t remember anyone but him. Most probably because I keep noticing the members took hard time while listen to the song.

Some people (Korean) said that because the song itself has touching lyrics, and no connection with MC Mong at all. And maybe that’s right, but the person who know the truth are only the members. So for this time, let me think that they (the members) DO support and love Mong, and its show through the time that this song played.

Screen caps of the situation are under the lyrics. I’ll be glad if you want to comment and discuss about it here.

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MC Mong (feat Lena Park) – Love You till Death (Jugdorog Saranghae)

This is MC Mong’s International support anthem. You have known the youtube video presented by the international fans to support him don’t you? This time I present the lyrics and translation (as usual taken from other since I’m incapable to do that).

The thumbnail aboves taken from the real music video for this song, below is the thumbnail from international fans project:

and per usual, here is the lyrics: Continue reading


MC Mong-Sick Enough to Die

Actually this song has been released a bit long time ago, but since I heard that MC Mong get a problem about his military duty, I decide to post this review as a kind of Support.

The album is not him alone, it’s a compilation album. But looks like they choose MC Mong as the 1st single, and make the MV for it. The MV is so sad, very much resembling the title of the song.
Find the lyrics in the full post!