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Lena Park – Now I Wish It was So


Hello my blog, how are you? There are much dust here..

I’m sorry to ignoring you this half year *hug my blog*, I’ll just post this short, so please don;t be mad with me okay? I just don’t have idea (and time) to writing like half year ago. Work is tiring right?

Surely, most of K-fans already know what show it is right?

I’m not following the I am Singer show, but I keep following the song (I Know I am a real sucker in survival things and get addicted easily!) kk~ furthermore the survivors are all veteran and it just exciting how they give different touch into the song (like the one I post now) or make it into a whole new song. For example No.1 who is originally sung by BoAΒ  had through a real make over, I would said head to toe, by Lee So Ra into grungy type. It’s exciting how a song that you know so well turned out 180 degrees into something unexpected nor unimaginable before. Even BoA self is surprised and excited seeing how much change happen in her song. Surely the show will be much more exciting if you know the original song before, though at least you can still enjoy them. As for me, there are only two song that I know well, and for them I raise all of my thumbs!

Now to be precise, most of people already know which song that I pointed out right? (pointed to my old post) I really love this song, since it’s..yah not just the sentimental thingy, but also because the song is lovely by itself.Β  Both the meaning hidden in the lyrics and melody (oh I am a suck ballad addict mania!!) And I think this song is suitable to be called an evergreen song. The original song can be enjoyed anytime (I guarantee that!), I also payed respect for the original singer, Cho Yong Pil whose voice is so overwhelming.

For this version, it’s a much more modern version who sang and arranged by Lena Park (I’ve pay attention to her since write this one), and I must admit she has a real powerful voice! She is like….Utada Hikaru in Japanese comparison.

Now if It was So by Lena Park

Though the song begin softly, but her way of singing just made you can’t left her before the performance ends. In the middle song she began to showed off her real voice and I really love the end part, when she scream (I don’t know is it the right word to use in singing? please correct me) and sing the last past just almost made me dropped my tears (and made me chill, honestly).

I have post the lyric before in here, so I won’t post the lyrics anymore, just take it.

As usual I’ve posted the song in boxnet in the right side (alongside with the original version)

There is only one problem beyond this show, I hope it wont take 1n2d rating anymore hehehe πŸ˜€


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6 thoughts on “Lena Park – Now I Wish It was So

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  2. Waa~ baru main lagi ke sini… ternyata kita sama-sama menemukan lagu ini hahaha… aku suka versinya Lena Park, bikin tentram dan hanyut… Jempol buat Park Jung Hyun! πŸ˜‰

  3. boleh tau ga dimana mau donlot lagu ini??/ thank ya ^^

  4. ternyata linknya dah ada di music bo.
    sudah ku donlot. thanks bgt ya hehehe

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