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Korean Fever!!

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Okay, Now I must admit this. I’ve gotten fever for this whole month! Not a real fever, (well, actually I’m a bit ill but that’s not mind much) but a Korean fever! Yeah, have you noticed my box.net? There is a song titled ‘main theme’ which I’m not explained (yet), and that is the beginning of this fever. I mean I’m not infected by some virus or bacteria LOL, but I’ve just being crazy about Korean’s drama and song for these two months.

Being crazy for that drama (Okay, it’s called Great Queen Seon Deok, I meant to review it here before), I’m searching about it anywhere which leading me to another recommended drama and that goes repeat again and again. And at the end of last month, I’ve just conscious I have spent 50 GB of my hard disk !!! LOL, I’m burning it right away.

FYI, my main interest for series (before) is Japanese drama since it short, complex and somewhat uniquely funny. I just doesn’t love the Korean since it’s long (oh, but QSD is 62 episodes long! Sigh, I know it, I spilled my own words), mellow (but they all like that!! I KNOW!!), and… OH SHUT UP!! I just don’t know why I’m hooked of this now (sigh). Okay, stop all the big mouth of me.

Now I’ll recommend some Korean drama’s (and song) that made me addicted (I just watch the completed series, satisfaction guarantee). Okay, here they are the list of my favorite in 2009:

  1. The Great Queen Seon Deok

    The story is about Deok Man, the first female ruler of Shilla’s Kiingdom. The series is telling her life before birth until she died. The main plot is about how she is opposing Mishil (the stamp’s guardian), another high, great woman of Shilla’s kingdom, who also wanted to be a ruler. The series is full of conflict, external and internal. Not just the politics, but also the family conflict! For example, at first Deok Man reject her identity as a princess because she thinks her father has dump her, and the most notable through out the series: Bi Dam’s internal conflict towards his mother: Mi Shil who is his master’s ( Deok Man) enemy.

  2. Boys Before Flowers / Boys over Flowers

    Another adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, Japanese comic (manga). This time the heroines called Geum Jan Di is a daughter of laundry owner. She gets a scholarship in Shin Hwa’s High School (a Royal, elite school which just the chosen and elite one could schooling there –as usual–). The heroes (antagonist at first) named Gu Jun Pyo, the son’s of Shin Hwa’s company owner, whom first look her as an enemy but later as his love interest. The series is much more (I should say really much!!) luxury than the Taiwan or Japan adaptation. It’s funny to watch how hard Gu Jun Pyo is trying to get Jan Di’s heart (fortunately, he is success), how Gu Jun Pyo tries to understands commoner’s life just for Jan Di. The later story is almost the same like the manga (just different setting and a bit additional background) and mellow as usual. The most interesting part of this drama is the actors (hohoho), all of the F4 actors is all handsome!! Worth enough to make you awake and open your eyes, haha!

  3. Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance

    Some kind of Cinderella story, Go Eun Sung is a daughter of a construction company’s director who studies overseas, but in one day, she lost his father, chased from house by her stepmother and later losing her autistic brother. She later met and help an old woman whom later discovered as Food Company’s director and even offered job for her. It’s later discovered that old woman actually is the grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan, a short temper man who has been clashed with her over and over again, and indirectly causing her brother missing. Go Eun Seung then offered inheritance by the old woman, abandoning her own grandchildren. Eun Sung think it as a bait to fix Sun Woo Hwan’s behavior, so she accept it, which leads her to another clashed with Sun Woo Hwan and his family. It is revealed that Eun Sung’s step sister is none other than Woo Hwan’s girlfriend. The rivalry of inheritance than slowly change into love…the question is how??

  4. God of Study / Master of Study / Lord of Study

    Another adaptation of Japanese manga named Dragon Zakura. This adaptation is about 5 (not six like the original, they made the innocence and stylish character into one) students from dump school who is trying to prove they worth enough to enter the high class university. Each of them comes from different background and different motivation. The shows showing how hard work is worth enough, even though you don’t get it, but at least your regret is not you are not try it!

And there is my list for my old favorite one

  1. Full House

    Okay, this one is an every one’s favorite. Han Ji Eun is surprised, after back from a trip, her house (named Full House by his father) has been sold! Even more, by her close friends, and she doesn’t even get a cent from the transaction! Full of desperate, she decides to live in there and opposing the idea of moving. She becomes surprised more after discovering the new owner of her house is Lee Yong Jae, a famous actor whose his trip has been ruined by her. They then live together, where Ji Eun firsts works as maid to buy the house back, but later being married (after signing contract) in intention made Yong Jae’s friend, Kang Hye Won (his love interest) get jealous. The life’s goes on, Yong Jae and Ji Eun get attracted each other, but Ji Eun is later meet Yoo Min Hyuk, Kang Hye Won’s love interest, who is falling in love with Ji Eun and shower her with warmness which Yong Jae doesn’t give her. The story is interesting, full of comedic scene, but also tearful one. Balance!

  2. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    This one comes after Full House, and the story is based on Legend of Choon Hyang. The series is full of comedic scene, and totally fiction. The interesting one is after each episode, there’ll be parodic scene of the real event in Choon Hyang, such as when both of them meet or when Mong Ryong comes to save Choon Hyang.

  3. Goong (princess Hours)

    Another Cinderella stories, this ones take background if (just if!) Korean is a kingdom in 21st century. Due to their grandfather promise, Shin Chae Kyong and Lee Shin is forced to be married. The problem is Chae Kyong is just a common girl, while Shin is a prince! Furthermore, both of them still 16 years old, and Shin actually has had a girlfriend (Min Hyo Rin). As usual, both of them falling in love each other, but the interesting side is that Lee Shin always hiding this fact and just show it slightly which make Chae Kyong doesn’t aware of his feeling until his confession in the last episode. The story get more interesting since rivalry of Shin and his cousin Lee Yul for both of Crown and Chae Kyong’s love surfacing.

I think it’s enough now, I’m just getting tired now (It’s already 11 pm!) may be I’ll continue later….


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