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Movie – The Ugly Truth

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For a first time, I’m reviewing about a movie!

This is the latest movie I’ve watch, and just remember, all I’ve write in this blog (other words, my review) means I love them, so does this one!

I’ve just falling in love with this movie sooo much!

Shortly, The Ugly Truth is a romantic comedy starring by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

Well, Honestly I don’t expect anything at the beginning of the movie, but during the movie I can’t keep silent, it’s just so funny! The question is Why did I enjoying it so much? The story is just predictable! I will answer: I don’t know! Even the story is predictable and kinda cheap one, I just love it! I found it just hilarious, so I think I’m just kinda get that flow and floating with it. Well, the actress is my favorite any way (the reason of watching this movie), Katherine Heigl is just soo beautiful! I’ve noticed her since Roswell series and I’ve love her appearance since then (though I’m a Woman). O yeah, before discussing this movie, you should see another poster of  The Ugly Truth:

I don’t know where the ideas come from, but this poster give a glimpse about ‘where’ love is in male or ..female…. In female, love is in thinking, but for man..yeah..you know where is it, and that is the main theme of this story (or that is what I think so..)


Abby Richter, a morning show TV producer, forced to accept Mike Chadway as his staff due to rating’s sake. Of course, She reject him, because the night before He has insult her as an ugly, forever single woman. Plus he found that man is kinda vulgar and she felt that disgusting, especially Mike always talk about sex and things alike. She tries to disturb Mike but then surrender when the respondents love his appearance. In other side, Mike -who is conscious Abby doesn’t like him- offering her his advice to get man whom she dreamed of, the handsome orthopedist surgeon who just moved next to her.

The advice is success, Colin -the Orthopedist- start dating Abby and they planned to go on ‘a night’ together. But on the other side, Mike shown to have lonely facial expression when Abby talk about Colin. Furthermore, Abby forced to cancel her ‘night’ with Colin, since she must accompany Mike in a show -and assuring him to keep still on her show-. After the show, both of them dance and it’s kinda turning them on and..well, they kissed on the elevator. Well, the next is cliche, when back in her room, Abby wishes Mike get to her room and fly away when the bell rang, but she just found Colin on there, and he planned to spend ‘night’ together at her room.

Meanwhile, Mike -who fulfill Abby’s wish- rang the door and get surprised when Colin open it, topless. He make a reason to get an excuse for fly away of the room, but Abby chasing him, ask if she need to driven Colin away, but Mike answer she doesn’t need that. Back in her room, Abby who is guilty with her feelings, ask Colin -whom has been ready on the bed- why does he like her. Colin answer he likes her because she is an atypical woman, and mention criteria he doesn’t like, which unsurprisingly match Abby a lot.  Abby, decide to being honest, told him who is she really are, and they broke up. In the morning, Abby got news that Mike has leave for another local station and they must get his replacement as soon as possible.

At the hot-air balloon festival, Mike replacement, made a really stupid statement and forcing Abby to take away the show. She then made a statement of “Man is scared” which drive Mike -who is unfortunately on the same location- mad and come to the spot to arguing with her. Both of them keep arguing until the Balloon is take off. Not knowing there are camera still on, both of them continue arguing even when the balloon is flying until the point Abby tells Mike she has broke up with Colin. Well, the next is as usual, both of them admit they love each other (cliche, but I love the way they tell it) and kissed on the balloon.

Well, my favorite scenes are:

  • Abby and Mike at the restaurant before dancing, Mike ordered tap water, told Abby that is the same, surprising Abby
  • Mike dealing with his inner conflict to meet Abby again at the hotel
  • Abby asks Mike, what make him love her, Mike answer, “I don’t know, but I am” (I think this is the sweetest scene of the film)

Well, if you are conventional one…do not watch this, this film is full of vulgar words and act! Absolutely is not suitable for children. I, my self recommended this movie for +20 years old due to the content. I can’t upload the movie, but I want to share one song from this movie, The Kiss The song played in my 2nd favorite scene, it’s so sweet. I can feel Mike’s feeling when heard this song


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