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Movie โ€“ The Ugly Truth

For a first time, I’m reviewing about a movie!

This is the latest movie I’ve watch, and just remember, all I’ve write in this blog (other words, my review) means I love them, so does this one!

I’ve just falling in love with this movie sooo much!

Shortly, The Ugly Truth is a romantic comedy starring by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

Well, Honestly I don’t expect anything at the beginning of the movie, but during the movie I can’t keep silent, it’s just so funny! The question is Why did I enjoying it so much? The story is just predictable! I will answer: I don’t know! Even the story is predictable and kinda cheap one, I just love it! I found it just hilarious, so I think I’m just kinda get that flow and floating with it. Well, the actress is my favorite any way (the reason of watching this movie), Katherine Heigl is just soo beautiful! I’ve noticed her since Roswell series and I’ve love her appearance since then (though I’m a Woman). O yeah, before discussing this movie, you should see another poster ofย  The Ugly Truth:

I don’t know where the ideas come from, but this poster give a glimpse about ‘where’ love is in male or ..female…. In female, love is in thinking, but for man..yeah..you know where is it, and that is the main theme of this story (or that is what I think so..)

-Full synopsis here!>