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About This Blog

This blogs is made to fulfill my unending desire of all my hobby:Listening music, reading books (especially manga) and watch films!

You may get some useful reviews of books, music or even the links to get it! (yeah I love to browsing to get those free!). So enjoying your life and keep reading this blog!

Updates: I have embed boxnet widget in this blog, so you could hear the sample song over there, for better quality you could download it in mediafire, just search for download it here or mediafire. When I don’t have much time to upload, I’ll give you links from another uploader, don’t forget to give them your thanks.

Updates January 2012: wordpress has became agressive deleting link and blog, I can’t upload anymore..sorry. As that, if you’re interested, drop me your comment along with valid email, I’ll sent the link for you.

Updates July 2012: My music taste is growing and stunting, I can’t tell much about music anymore, from now on (well, I’ve began it few months ago actually), I’ll only talk about things that interesting for me (maybe also for you?). Right now I’m still in TK2H mode, so I’ll write many about it. Just wait and hopefully you’ll love it πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. hi reglest!
    haha, just realized that your previous comment in my blog is already 6 months ago!
    I hope you still visit your blog often >_<

    I'll try to visit your blog more because I love book and song reviews as well^^

  2. Hi Sis… I read your comment on dramabeans in the king 2 heart episode 20 about the noodle, the park (episode 12) and chicken farm. It’s really a good research. I think you can post your comment on your blog. many new heartiss really need it lol


    I also read your comment about 60 years of South and North become enemy….well, I really wanna know more about NK now.

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