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[Read Behind The Lines] The King 2Hearts: Jae Shin and the Valkyrie


Only read this after you’ve watched The King 2hearts episode 17, because this is explanation (and assumption).

Originally, this post is my comment in dramabeans comment thread, but since the comments piling up, I move this here to ease to read, and add some pic, but the information mostly the same.

Most of us must be remember when we were wondering what had BonBon do to Jae Shin. Probably even until the extent of guessing lots of terrible things, iclude r*pe, abuse, humility and else, but tracing back, the writer had given us a very CLEAR clue, but apparently none of us realize it.

The clue it self is “Ride of Valkryes”, Bong Gu’s favorite piece, also the song which trigger Jae Shin’s panic attack. Is it just because the song played when the ‘incident’ happened? I don’t think so…. I believe it is well planned, by Bong Gu.

Let’s back track, what is Ride of Valkyries?

According to Bong Gu, this very song was played in Gas Chamber for Jew in Hitler’s reign, a perfect song to accompany the murder of our beloved Jae Kang doesn’t it?

Stop there? NO

Actually this is shameful, because I know “Ride of Valkyries” and I also know what valkyrie is (thanks for tha absurdity plot of Xena which decorating my teenager mind), but I don’t realize it until the end.

And when I realize this, I’m awed at the brilliance of the writer, because it isn’t just a clue for Jae Shin’s memories, but knowing this means adding layer for Bong Gu, and how insane this man is as well as how cruel he is.

The clue it self lies beneath the name of ‘Valkrye’,

What is Valkyrie?

A valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja “chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who decide who falls and dies in battle. (cited from wikipedia page of Valkyrie)

So…what is it?

Valkyrie, as mentioned above, choose the one who dies. Put it in my own word, valkyrie is similar with God of Death, but in much more honorable mention (and beautiful portray). Now, let’s back to our drama: a female, choose someone who die, in battlefield..does it sound like Jae Shin to you?

Jaeshin finally ‘choose’

I think this is the reason why the writer choose ‘Ride of Valkryes’ to trigger Jae Shin’s memory, and not another, because the song remind her self that ‘she choose to kill her own brother’.

addition explanation: No, JaeShin didn’t pull the trigger, the amount of charcoal she put is not much. But what shakes her the most is her decision to chose her life over her brother, push by the song, it makes her look like the ‘killer

So what do I mean with adding layer for Bong Gu?

Valkyries work under Odin.

Who is Odin?

Odin is a principal member of the Æsir (the major group of the Norse pantheon) and is associated with war, battle, victory and death, but also wisdom, magic, poetry, prophecy, and the hunt. (citation from wikipedia, Odin page)

War, magic….and when you put Bong Gu there…You know that he consider him self as Odin, the highest god of war… ordering valkyrie (Jae Shin) to pick up a soul in battle (war), whose soul? You know whose…

Simply put, by this song, Bong Gu isn’t just placed him self as the God for his own satisfaction, but also blame Jae Shin’s (mentality), that she is the Valkyrie…(and considering Jae Shin study abroad for music, I bet she understand this), and she CHOOSE to end her brother’s life.

I shall remind that this is an assumption, but if this is true…scary isn’t it?  Kim Bong Gu could develop into a really scary enemy if he is given the time…I can’t watch Bong Gu without shuddering after realize this…

Wait for the next set of read behind the lines of this beloved drama!


Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

8 thoughts on “[Read Behind The Lines] The King 2Hearts: Jae Shin and the Valkyrie

  1. I just rewatched Lord of the rings; Two towers, and now this…O Regi, TK2H has beautifully written script and this is the reason why people are coming back for more. You can’t spot all the main points, you need time and then you get hooked. The more you found out the less you know, the less you know the more you like, the more you like the less are reasons, the less are reasons the more is love. . .

  2. I shall admit your words confusing Mtoh, LOL^^, thanks for explaining in tweet kkk

    Yes, the more we’re lookin back, the more we realize so much we don’t know..this is what makes this show precious.

  3. Excellent analysis!!! Thank you so much for sharing this analysis with us…it really does add more depth to the story.
    I agree with you 100%…The King 2Hearts was a superbly written script!!! I am completely awed by the way this story was written.
    This story will remain with me forever!!!

  4. The King 2Hearts deserves a clean sweep at the Awards…in every single category!!!
    This drama was a brilliant masterpiece…the best I have seen in a very long time!!! 🙂

  5. A wonderful insight of you *envy*

    I do believe the writers had thoroughly delved into such awesome and reliable references before they wrote the script. The way they epitomized something and connected to the story is just so fantastic. This makes me love TK2H even more and more. The drama put so much efforts for us to know what actually lies behind, say, a scene. And wow……it’s exhilarating!!!

    Today is Wednesday, isn’t? How I miss those days when TK2H was airing on TV.

  6. Pingback: [Among the Lines] The King 2Hearts: Does Bong Gu = Hitler? « Enjoying World!

  7. Well written. I did actually realise this while watching it, but only because I know a lot about Norse Mythology. ^^
    And hence I have a couple of things to add:

    The Valkyries’ function, more than decide who falls in war, it was to decide who would go to Valhalla. A lot died in war without going to Valhalla, and these did not die in war because the Valkyries chose to let them die, but simply because they were not strong enough.
    Valhalla is the best place that a Viking can hope to end up after he dies, it is a ‘castle’ situated close to where the Gods live. Here the Warriors can drink and eat all they want and fight the entire day. A perfect life for a Viking. It is hence seen as a privilege to be chosen to die in battle by a Valkyrie, because only so can a Viking go to Valhalla. It is like a reward for having been a good warrior.

    When you think about it, Valhalla is a bit like a Hall of Fame of all the best and strongest Vikings who where chosen to die in battle.
    Lee Jae Kang was a very brave and good King (a very good warrior/Viking) it is hence natural that the Valkyrie choose to take him to Valhalla. After he dies, we often see a ‘hall of fame’ (reference to Valhalla) where Jae Ha stops and looks at his picture.

    Now here comes something quite interesting. The warriors in valhalla were chosen by the Valkyries to serve as Odin’s warriors in Ragnarok (the last battle). The warriors in Valhalla were Odin’s ARMY! Odin’s Weapon. And that is exactly how Bong Gu (Odin) uses Jae Kang’s death, as a weapon to try and win the last battle (reunification of the Koreas). Bong Gu (like Odin) believes that Jae Kang’s death will make it possible to stop the two Koreas working together, however, (just like Odin was) Bong Gu is wrong, and eventually he is defeated anyways.

    And to add a bit of extra meaning to the Valkyrie: The valkyries are often described as being of Royal blood, the daughter of a King or the lover of a Hero. Of Royal blood just like Jae Shin….

    scary stuff!

  8. woww….every comment brighten my mind…thanks all.

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