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[Among the Lines] The King 2Hearts: Does Bong Gu = Hitler?



Different with previous post, this one never made appearance as comment in dramabeans thread.

Though the title is about Hitler, but this post more likely discussing Bong Gu as a mortal enemy for every war in the world, and particularly about South and North Korea.

Bong Gu is a definitely an enemy character, he is megalomaniac, even the smallest thing could be his motivation to kill somebody. Let’s break it down:
1. He kill Jae Kang and Queen because Jae Kang forbid him enter South Korea
2. He put Jae Ha as mortal enemy, because Jae Ha insult him with calling his ‘real name’, and later because Jae Ha make his girlfriend belittling him
3. He grieve for Hang Ah and slaps her, because Hang Ah also call him Kim Bong Gu to insult him
 4. He KILL Shi Kyung, because: 1. Shi Kyung betray him, 2. Because if he can’t get Shi Kyung, neither do anyone else.

and who can forget this scene?

He is little hitler, note that Korea was separated after WW II. WW II is actually the result of axis formed by Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito (axis of WW II), and Hitler is the greatest among all, though it’s after Japanese imperial that Korea separate, but it’s his ideology which divide Korea.

At first, I think he is a portrayal for HITLER. Why? The writer of TK2H  writing these facts awesomely:

  1. First, Bong Gu changed his name in order to hide his korean root, and he hate Korean to the max. It’s absolutely similar with Hitler’s. Hitler was rumored  changed his name to hide his Jew root, and who doesn’t know Hitler is the biggest anti Jew? (the discussion about Hitler’s real name can be read here)
  2. Bong Gu was portrayed to love everything Hitler loved. He was watching Lohengrin (identified by words: The man leaves and the woman dies, and the bridal chorus in background) and his favorite song is Die Walküre (another interesting notes for Valkyries in The King 2Hearts). While in fact, Hitler him self is really love Wagner music, which mostly credited as the one who shape Adolf Hitler into his late thought (source: here, here and here)
  3. Germany. Do you notice these attchment of Bong Gu with Germany? 
    • His first appearance as adult is in BERLIN (also the place he killed his father)
    • He is a Mayer, don’t google John Mayer, but search Mayer specifically and you’ll get this word: 

Mayer is a German surname – Wikipedia

Interesting Enough, though Bong Gu was portrayed as ‘little Hitler’, he has John as given name, the name who statistically easy to find in america (John’s name in America) and according to this: 

John Mayer is originated from USA

John Mayer was originated from USA. Yes, Germany and USA stand in different sides at WW II if you’re asking. Another interesting facts is Bong Gu was hiding in China while Jae Ha was searching for him…hmm??

This fact intrigue my mind a bit, and rack my brain, and finally I reach the conclusion that Bong Gu isn’t merely a little Hitler, he is a symbol of everything that separate Korean Peninsula, a World War II and an ideology which portrayed by his Hitler-ish, also these little attribute of Bong Gu:

–He is a KIM
 Yep, I think this is pointing to Kim dinasty (Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un). Plus, the fact that this is a ‘company’ which by the rules the leader should be elected…but strangely the ownership was passed by inherited. Oh..Democratic Republic of Korea! 😀 (btw, I think reading Ms. Koala depiction for Bong Gu is much more better than mine, see that explanation in her thought section)

–He is a war & army merchant
 No one can deny that though hidden (also Bong Gu’s implying that in ‘underworld’ he is richer than Korea itself) This side is the one who need war the most.

The writer had put it so nicely, so someone can be a portrayal for all the factors. What do you think? Do I miss any? Don’t mind to put comment, I’d love to discuss and absolutely willing to discuss this drama 🙂

Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

9 thoughts on “[Among the Lines] The King 2Hearts: Does Bong Gu = Hitler?

  1. Another insightful thought!

    As you said, Bonggu is a symbol for all bad things which separates both South and North Korea. What I’m trying to say is that the writer creates this character particularly to personify the whole obstacles related to unification.

    Found some flaws in the list of attendance. The second column should be surname but for John Mayer it is filled with his position as CEO. Another one is I find it’s odd when they write European Comission instead of European Union. As far as I’m concerned, European Comission is just a body of EU as a supranational organization. Anyway……

    Just my two cents,

    • Yup, I also notice that thing ㅋㅋㅋ~
      While the other’s are surname, Bong Gu’s was filled with his position, well it wasn’t made to get captured actually :p
      What amazing is, dear..just try to google each name at that list, and you’ll see the European Commision as well 😉

  2. Just curious, BG is adopted in USA, did we ever knew why? Is it possible his name and surname came with new family..,who planted that kind of hate…or for haters it just come naturally?
    He’s separator, but if he hates his roots why calling himself King.., or it’s way of showing that money can buy you girl, country and family background…
    He hates Korea but he keeps coming back, this is epic battle between good and evil…and he’s just pure evil.

    Nothing much, just some thoughts I had.

    • Bong Gu wasn’t adopted, his father is somewhat has american blood in him. This never explained in the drama, but I think I’ve read that somewhere for Bong Gu’s character description.
      About his Hatred toward Korea, I GUESS that’s because his childhood was suffering as as he treated lowly in Korea way back before he became John Mayer. I think that initiate him to hate Korean. When he (finally) rule Club M, he throw up all his ‘Korean’ and act highly almighty, but it’s actually low self esteem talk there, like Jae Ha said. He can’t accept when a Korean act highly upon him (The forbidden entry) or someone remind him that he is a korean as well (calling his real name), thus led him to destroy it entirely. I’m sorry Mtoh, this is the only explanation I can offer now.

      And yes, agree with you, Bong Gu is purely evil *shudder*

  3. gw dah crita belum ama elo Go, kalu gw en yosie dulu sempet kepikiran kalu teroris en al-qaeda itu dikoordinir oleh orang macam bonggu dan bom bunuh diri yang sering terjadi di timur tengah en eropa akhir2 ini dikoordinir oleh orang macam bonggu,karna kita yakin karakter kek bonggu ini ada di dunia nyata.

    • Sama Van, aku juga mikir begitu. Tapi karena ‘gak ada bukti’ aku nggak bisa nulisnya
      I’m writing about assumption, but I don’t wanna write about speculation 🙂

  4. benul bgt…seperti kata pepatah modern “no photo, HOAX” hahahahahaha

  5. Quite an interesting read, thanks. 🙂

  6. Hi, all… .
    I knew you eventhough you didnt know me. All of you commented on The King 2 Hearts on dramabean, right? I have been addicted of the show and I dunno how to come back to real life. Yes, It’s rather too late to watch this show…but… hmm… I am heartiss now.

    Nice to meet all of you….nice to know Heartiss from other countries.

    Yes, I have been searching everything related to The King 2 Hearts for two months (december, january, february) but it’s not enough. This show makes me to be a good student again. Yes, definitely I study about literature in this drama especially metaphor.

    Thanks for writing this article Reglest. I like reading your thought about the king 2 hearts through your comment on drama bean.

    @mtoh: I like your thought too.

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