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Review (ending) – The King 2Hearts



It’s difficult to conclude this series in simple words/sentence.

The most appropriate word for this drama is maybe: what a roller coaster ride this is!

First of all, I must admit that this drama isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Mostly because of development of the story as well as the background plot, its squeeze every little drop in your brain, hence when you fall for it you fall hard, and when you don’t like it you just dont. The prominent strength of this drama is the weakness as well. The drama shove a lot (may be too much) of information at one time and makes it difficult to digest in one gulp. Thus, viewers need (and I emphasize it again: NEED) to discuss, to ask and sometimes, (more likely, often) google in order to understand, not just a mere knowing, most of the background. By experience, I can say that digging the infos make me appreciate the drama more and more, and accepting the logic of the writer.

This drama is a kind that never do things too little, there are misery, sadness, sarcasm, insult, some of them hurts a lot, but with open mind at the end this drama left us a fuller feeling. The King 2Hearts, isn’t a mere entertainment, but also a lesson toward life, toward reality for those who willing to embrace and reflect back.

Let’s start the review:


All the relationship was began from here:

1st Cast Board

The Casts

The most prominent problem prior among fans before the airing is AGE GAP. Predictable, since Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s gap is 9 years, add the fact that  Seung Gi is in younger side. Even me feel the doubt.. Not just that, Lee Seung Min who plays his hyung was 20 years apart, and even Lee Yoon Ji who being his dongsaeng is actually older than him. So…is it work? Amazingly, the chemistry goes off chart, in good way! Their chemistry as a pair of lover is sizzling hot, and Seung Gi can play as dongsaeng and oppa as well. As an airen, I’m so proud of him!

What about the other? Can’t say anymore!

It takes two to tango, without Ha Ji Won,  I’m not sure Seung Gi will play out his part that great. Seung Gi’s ability counted as well, for sure, or he’ll just get swallowed by Ha Ji Won’s lone performance.This is how good Ha Ji Won is.

What about Ha Ji Won herself? Most criticism comes from viewers who annoyed by her too ‘cute’ accent and does not fitting her badass attitude. Interestingly, this criticism only come from international fans, since her accent was praised by Korean pers…so…what do you think?

No one can resist the charm of Lee Jae Kang, his appearance is brief and short but viewers love him, and there are many who cries for him 🙂

Eun Shi Kyung, the earnest bot was played very very nicely by Jo Jung Suk, might be the most beloved and memorable role along this drama, because…oh you know why. Jo Jung Suk just has 2 dramas under his belt (other is Whats Up) and 1 movie, but he knows how to rock the stage, and…yes..he is a real scene stealer!

Lee Jae Shin, oh my pretty princess. That’s a real great choice to get Lee Yoon Ji plays you. Without her, your character might fall into another stupid spoiled princess!

Kim Bong Gu, should I say his, your character takes time to built..but after I know what you had done, you are too scary as human!

The Soundtrack

The King 2Hearts took most of the soundtrack in form of BGM and classical known musics, not as lyrical songs as K-drama usually do, and it does good..sorry..I mean GREAT. It’s not just because I’m an instrumental person, but because the message beyond the drama become universal. You don’t need to be proficient in korean to understand the lyrics, all you need is your ears.., and your heart. Not all of the song is prominent though, some are forgotable and I’m still disappointed because not all of the song was included in the full OST, but the songs perfectly fit the scenes, and being the enhancer for each scene. The BGM let the scene speaks, even without dialogue..

I have many favourite, but the most prominent is “The King” theme itself, it portray the complexity, luxury, as well as darkness beneath the drama


I’m TOTALLY satisfied!! The camera play is great, the detail of each gesture perfectly shown and left deep impression!

Thank you very much Lee Jae Kyu PD!


The power of this drama was lies beyond the writing, but it also being the weakness. The drama is complicated and very layered, as i said before, you can’t digest it at all by yourself. You need to discuss, chew it slowly to enjoy the taste, and forgot the slightly awkward bump.

This drama has witty writers, maybe the smartest kdrama I’ve ever met..suuure it has flaws, and I can’t deny that bump, but with all the greatness (I’ll talk about it later ;)) you’ll let yourself overlook that mistake, and mumbling…how great. Among their flaws, the biggest mistake probably is te miscalculation time to close the curtain, how Shi Kyung’s left improper hole in our heart, but mostly it took too much time to develop this

into this:

I have a theory of course, but it need time to arrange the words, so let me do that and I’ll tell you what I think…

My rating for this drama: 9.5/10 not perfect, becaus the mistake nd awkward bump, either than that, all perfect.

Nothing can close this drama either than this: The opening, and the ending…

For me, this drama is more than a ride, it’s more likely a journey, a very pleasant journey.

I begin my journey light hearted and laugh all the time. After a quarter trip, boredom comes, most of my group began to give up and leave, but I decide to stay on the path. While walking, I notice few little things enchanted my eyes and ears and nose, like tiny creatures, flowers, or uniquely shaped clouds I never noticed before, and those things lift my spirit to keep up, so I keep walking.

At the rest point, I met friends with the same destination, same purpose, the most importantly, they enjoy and notice things like I do, so I began to share stories and thought that had been collected while walked and observed alone, we laugh and learn over each other experience. We are walking together now. The journey getting hard and harder…but now I’m walking with new friends, I learn new things and vice versa, they learn from me too, we try to learn anything.  We can see the top now, the path seem painful and difficult, it slippery and there are lot of sharp rocks,  I fall, stumbled, hurted and lose my ransom, but my new friends keep walking beside me, help me to stand again, worrying my safety, and we all walk together, hand in hand, believing  each other, approach the top. Finally, I’m standing on the top now, I feel confused, because after all of this, I only get this, what else??? But my friend whispers…the meaning of ‘this’ and now I feel ‘this’ too. I’m thanked for the fresh air, for the warms of sunshine peeking beyond the clouds, for the cool shade the clouds preserve, my eyes full of tears that all my five senses are awaken,…and I feel myself fuller than before.

I’m walking the down path, but I can’t forgot the sensation while climbing to the top. I promised myself, I’ll come and visit it again.

Readers, especially you who under the wings of hearties. Hearties guide me learning each means of the dialogue, of the gesture, can’t mention them all here, because this post will full of name only, Hearties in dramabeans, you ROCK gals!!

PS: I’m working at other posts about the hidden meaning beneath this drama, wait for them please!! 🙂

Pic credit: morinokokoro.tumblr.com, imbc.com, tryp96.wordpress.com,


Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

11 thoughts on “Review (ending) – The King 2Hearts

  1. Should I be the first dear…love your dedication to drama…see ya on twitter..haha

  2. awwwww, reg!! it seems we can never get this disease over aite? I’m still listening to the OST, still chuckle on my own when remembering things that Jae Ha did to Hang Ah, still awed with Hang Ah coolness badass character, still smiling and sometimes feel pain whenever i listen to truly yours track (remembering shi kyung n jae shin).

    this is crazy, but i gain more friends and ur description about the journey is simply perfect! let’s hand in hand and move forward and visit ‘this place’ sometimes!

  3. haha, its flaw…udah aq bahas diblogku hihihi…
    meskipun tidak sempurna, tp tetap sejauh ini menjadi the best drama buatku…

  4. A very nice review :). I’m actually watching this drama right now, (just finished ep 8, and I need a break from crying all the tears that I can cry right now T_T). I love this drama too! (so far). I agree with your review on all the aspects of the drama, the writing is strong and solid, some of the scenes just beyond beautifully shot, and the OST is one of my faves I’ve heard so far! Just all so well done! But the cherry on top? The entire cast is spot on perfect.

    • Aww..thank you dear,
      When you’ve finished the drama, please comeback here, I’ve decided to write and compile thought of dramabeaner’s hearties, behind and between the lines. Hopefully you’ll like the drama until the last episode and hopefully you’ll love the thought too.

      Btw, your blog is awesome!

      • Oooh, I will definitely be coming back to read that post! Looking forward to it ^^. I’ve actually started blogging about The King 2 Hearts too, just couldn’t hold it all in, you know? lol.

        Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my blog! Your blog is pretty awesome too!

  5. Thanks for visiting my site… I am really late, right?

  6. Nice to know heartiss from Indonesia.

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