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Midway Review: The King 2Hearts (Drama)


-This post was written at the end of episode 10 of The King 2Hearts-

Watch this drama because of Lee Seung Gi, and I don’t wanna be a hypocrite by add other initiate reason. Up until Lee Seung Gi was casted, I don’t care for any word for this drama, no matter that the heroine is Ha Ji Won, or the writer and director is the key factor behind Beethoven Virus, Lee Seung Gi is my turning point, yes, I am that shallow.

Now, I am at the point of addicted, obsessed, or add any other words that describe somebody who always longing for this drama. Dare to say, It’s not Lee Seung Gi effect in me (as usual), it’s because the drama itself, in simple word, is AWESOME. Terrific. Superb. anything other that make me speechless.

Enough about me (and my obsession), we’ll talk about the drama now.

[Spoiler Alert]

-The Grand Picture-

Correlation Chart

Correlation Chart

Concluding by my self, each week of this drama has its own topic, the emotional connection for each pair of an episode is needed. The drama starts at a fast pace, a brief introduction (hiding some future hint), less conflict and much comedy (OH! How I miss the comedy!), dark comedy it is. In the first week, we’ll get more about the characters, their background, shortly, mere introduction. The second week, we were introduced to underneath problems: South-North Korea difference in ideality, pride, and prejudice within, trust problem, which all of them is just a small picture of the future problem(s). Let’s breathe a sigh of relieve in the 3rd week, I called this romance week, there is no CLEAR evidence of a political issue in this week, just the growing feeling between the pair. 4th week presents us tears as its main dishes, the back-to-back episode led and provide the viewers very delicious family moment as an appetizer, just to reveal a heavy choice of the dishes, they add a slightly sweet taste of romance and familial thingy to chill your feeling, but not enough to digest all the tears. As 5th week going on…you heard heartbroken everywhere, misunderstand piling, emotion bursting and layers revealed.

-The Characters-

Lee Jae Ha – Lee Seung Gi

Man of many layers, the-boy-king. Lee Jae Ha is a genius using jerk mask to avoid his duty and reality. How jerk is he? Jerk enough for tempting me to slap his face at least once. Or twice. Behind his playful mask and egoistic action, in fact, he knows the reality too well –borrow Shi Kyung’s word- and too much until the point pessimistic and indecisive. Actually, we have had the hint in the early episode, but as he always plays the jerky role, I guess not anyone remembers the ‘first serious conversation’ between him and his brother, eh?

Forced to be king by unexpected series, the way he held his anger and sadness is the drama’s package of prominent moments. As a royal family, as a king, he is the pillar of his kind. If he is so vulnerable, who could be this country foundation?

Until episode 10, Lee Jae Ha is the most growing role throughout the series. I’m excited to see what kind of King he’ll be? And what kind of (more) surprise this role’ll show. This role might be Lee Seung Gi’s turning point as an actor. Here, I don’t see him as the charming-boy next door I used to know, just the jerky-ill tempered boy-prince-king, who hides many layers within, waiting to unfold.

–spoiler: at the end of episode 2, I was about to lend my vacuum cleaner to Hang Ah in order to beat him, VC is much heavier and I’m sure it’ll result in more damage than a mop-

Kim Hang Ah – Ha Ji Won

North Korean Special Force member, a legendary martial art artist, was Kim Hang Ah’s infamous profile. Unfortunately, this profile didn’t add that she is a true girl in heart, longing for attention and love from opposite gender-which just shred her chance to get ‘man for her life’  being thinner…. and thinner. Her encounter with Lee Jae Ha was one of the memorable thrilling scene and the best cliffhanger of the drama.

She is strong! She is weak! Viewers are torn by Kim Hang Ah’s opposite sides. Kim Hang Ah is a representative of woman nowadays, skillfully capable in career, but kept the desire of love and being loved in deep. The show builds her character as a trained soldier as well as a real woman indeed. While I respect her capability, I’m pitying her for getting involved in the ridiculous political situation.

Kim Hang Ah’s two sides are shifting smoothly thanks to none other than Ha Ji Won, the goddess. There’s no doubt for her acting –in fact, she is the reason Lee Seung Gi joins this drama-. As usual, she continues her streaked performance, breath-taken acting, switching perfectly over cute-strong-loving Kim Hang Ah.

Eun Shi Kyeong – Jo Jung Seok

Upright, faithful and earnest. Eun Shi Kyeong is a straight monochromatic line, a drawing that able to produce only without hesitation. He is stiff and by the rule, but the clash of belief about ‘The King’, proving he isn’t a machine who just follow instruction. He might be blunt with verbal(and non-verbal) communication, but his capability producing loyalty behind his very own acts.

Being an upright person as he is, as well as a soldier, Eun Shi Kyeong built to immune for any sarcastic comment, frustrating Jae Ha in the process, his earnest self can’t catch Jae Ha’s childish intention. He isn’t expressive about his own feeling, but we can see his loyalty to the princess was exceeding a threshold of ‘cares’. His silent and awkward cares for the princess is a sweet-awkward moment of episode 9. Apparently, this relationship will grow further in next episode ^^(or I hope So)

Eun Shi Kyeong doesn’t talk much, but his presence is known as he is. I believe ‘The King 2Hearts’ only the second TV series for Jo Jung Seok, but each scene with him in screen feels rich and momentful. Being a scene stealer as he is, I won’t surprised to see him more in the future.

Lee Jae Shin – Lee Yoon Ji

Her online profile written as a free-spirited princess,..that’s indeed true…well kinda..sort of.. She was studying abroad, is a singer, and also is magnae of the Royal Family. As a magnae, she is a bit spoiled.

Similar to her lil oppa, Jae Shin appear as doesn’t care much about public opinion about her, while actually fully aware about that and their impression. She understands that she need to acts and behaves as a princess, and unwilling to let anybody but trustee knows her weakness. Her relationship with Hang Ah is awesome, and if I may add beautiful, especially how Hang Ah throw away Jae Shin’s pride for her weakness, approach her and being her trustee one.

I never doubt lee Yoon Ji as an actress. Through this role, she proves her ability AGAIN. Her performance in the hospital made me trembling, no matter how many times I had rewound that scene.

Kim Bong Gu a.k.a John Mayer – Yoon Jae Moon

Creepy. Loony. Those words perfectly describing him, Plus his past, I may add he make me shudder. He might make us confused about what is his real intention, But put him in the same room with Jae Ha, and you got another word: Psycho, megalomaniac. Until episode 10, we still don’t get a glimpse about his past other than the ‘fighting scene’. His conversation with Jae Ha is so intense that I thought I need to hold my breath.

Eun Kyu Tae – Lee Soon Jae

The Secretary Chief

Duality, that’s probably a perfect word to describe this character. The chief secretary, as well as Eun Shi Kyeong’s father. This old man has served Royal Family for 30 years old, and he might be the one who knows the cruelty and truth behind the royal family the most. For that long time,  I can’t believe that he betray them in a b blink of eyes. In addition, he seems act by his own belief, not Jae Ha, nor John Mayer. What is his true intention, I wonder?

Actually, There are many characters need to get mentioned in this series, from WOC team to the Royal Family. But since it’s just a review, let’s going around only in our main characters.

Overall Production

Up until now, I’m satisfied with every casts, alas with directing and cinematography. And despite lack of  OST released, I’m truly impressed by each piece of the BGM. Perfectly fitted the image of the creator of Beethoven Virus, the BGM portraying a grand scale of imperial, lux, grandious…and glamour, nothing sucks in term of OST, just me wanting them, so release the BGM please, MBC?

The writing is a different case, there are many flaws within the script, such as the spy workings –oiii…where is the CCTV??–  The strong point of the writers is their brilliancy exploring human relationship. The dialogue transcends between characters, touch the deepest side of my heart, and deep in silence, I admit those. The witty dialogue, countless recent South Korea situation inserted, either it’s social problem, entertainment or pure political issue. I’m highly praising them for that. But most of all, I love how the script puts the royal family as a family. Members of the royal family are happily bickering in and out – contribute by Jae Ha at the most- but when the time needed, they stand tall, exactly what do you expect from a royal family.

Side note:

If you follow the drama, you know that rating dropping. There are many reasons behind it, most prominently is the rivalry among the Wednesday-Thursday drama. Each drama holds their own genre, Equator Man with its dark-revenge game, Rooftop Prince with its cute-fluffiness Romantic Comedy and The King 2Hearts with its own dark comedy, each genre has its own viewers. What South Korean media doesn’t cover much,-but already understood by international fans- is about the topic. The King 2Hearts portray North Korea as  ‘normal country’, the writer makes viewers think and see from North Korea perspective. As an International fan, I feel that easy since I don’t have a prejudice about the opposite sides, but I don’t know about the South Korean viewers, more over the older generation.

Endnote, this show is an awesomeness, whole point from me! Nonetheless. Because of this show, I’ve grown to ignore the rating -which is the thing that I usually see first- and just absorb each point of the wholesome. Show, you have me and a LOT of HEARTIES.

The King 2Hearts…FIGHTING!!


Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

6 thoughts on “Midway Review: The King 2Hearts (Drama)

  1. Thank you for posting this reglest.
    Just a minor correction, the name of the actor who play Kim Bong Gu is not Moon Ye Joon, but, Yoon Jae Moon.^^

  2. the BGM was released in VA – The King 2Hearts Full Soundtrack 🙂

    • Thanks for your information, this post was made before the OST released. But thanks^^

      Too bad, not all BGM was included in the album, I notice several pieces is missing. 😦

  3. Hi,reglest. it’s OOT.
    Did you see tryp’s new tweet? I don’t have twitter, I saw it from her twitter update on her blog. So, someone’s fans are BUYING votes! That’s why the gap between Seung Gi and Soo Hyun is unbelievably narrowing in a blink of an eye!!!
    Please spread this on your twitter, so everyone can vote even crazier. You are connected with some hearties right?
    I don’t know how to contact you, that’s why I make a comment here.

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