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Movie – Rapunzel (Tangled) Disney


I kinda have to review this movie! Only review OK? No plotline, so this post just a teaser for you to watch the movie.

Most of you probably know this movie as Rapunzel, but it actually named Tangled by Disney, Since the similarity is only about the tower, that long hair and name of the heroine and her nemesis. Others? Absolutely none. The funnier, earlier this movie has been promoted as ‘Rapunzel Unbraided’ .I think it’s related to the fact that Rapunzel’s hair is showing unbraided. But later into Rapunzel and last Tangled. I don’t understand why Indonesia still put the title Rapunzel? Though there is ‘Tangled’ title below the big Rapunzel title.

Indonesian 'Rapunzel' Poster...see that Tangled title?

Ahh..don’t mind that negative likely comments above. I actually really love this movie! Not just because I’m a fan of Disney’s classic animated, but also because I already watch it twice! (Oh, you must be know now how much I love it!!) I really missing the traditional -like- picture!

Warning! There is no Plot but the screen caps (and my comments) Absolutely contain spoiler!!

First, let me introducing you our beautiful princess…the lead of the movie

Rapunzel and her...errr..dangerous weapon??

And other ‘good side’ characters:

Maximus, the royal horse and ‘known as’ Flynn Rider (upss..too much spoiler!!)

there it is my fave character in this movie..yup the left one, NO!! I said the left one!!

And don’t forget Rapunzel loyal friend, Pascal:

Now you all know how loyal Pascal is...*grin

A classical movie is not complete without villain right? So here they are:

The original (and always be) nemesis of Rapunzel:

The one who want to be always Young...Mother Gothel

and the 2nd (class) villain:

the blah blah brothers..sorry I forgot their names (and I made it consciously)

Ah..and don’t forget them! Won’t tell you what is their role, but it’s absolutely exciting!

I had a dream too... 😀

So..in this animated movie, Disney presents us huge changes,just like Prince Frog last year. It seem like Disney wanna change it’s typical view . The changes in less (or exaggerating words *big grin*) in this movie are:

1) Never expecting an elegant princess!

A picture tell more than word

2) throw away that prince Charming thing! Your hero isn’t a noble nor royal blood at all. Instead, he is a thief.

3) That white horse thingy? Oh yeah, there is WHITE HORSE! But I doubt it’s species actually…

I know horse could smel better, but Maximus attitude made me doubt it's species..really! LOL!

Do the change affects? They do! Furthermore, in positive ways. The story is much more humorous now, unlike other classic tale such as Snow White, or Beauty and Beast, Tangled is less romantic but much more interesting without losing moral points.

Tangled strong point comes from It’s plot, characters, song (:D), and surely it’s animation! 1) Changing plot surely make the story interesting, who’ll know what ‘ll happened next? 2) The characters, like I describe above is out of beyond expectation, though we could guess what will happened to them, but it add more spices into this blend 3) Welcome back musical! I always love Disney movie’s songs, they always give deep impression in me. 4) Never forget that Disney is a big animation studio Ok? their animation is AWESOME!! Just take a look at my favorite scene throughout the movie:

The temptation to see it in 3D...

What made me more satisfied with this movie is the fact that this is Disney’s comeback with classic story (though with new plot and usage of CGI), which I’m fans of (more than I like Mickey Mouse or Uncle Scrooge). It surely bring memories of once I read it in the pictured book as a little kid.

I always  get excited with how serious Disney made special effect or movement, so does Tangled do. The movement of Rapunzel’s long hair is soooo smooth, like a real fine hair, I even read that Disney made meeting to decide which type of painting will they used to liven Rapunzel and the gang. No wonder the result is SO GREAT!

Talk about strong point, it doesn’t mean this film is flawless (Hey, I try to objective here!). For me, the weak point made me comment like these (basically it’s all “that easy?”:  1)how the truth discover, I rather said “Rapunzie, do you  mean that your subconscious played at your brush? Is it that easy? I can’t get that logically relationship of the symbol and the lost princess..”2) “Does the reviving scene means the core of power is inside her? Is that easy to ? Oh yeah anything but no lead death”  3)”Err..hallo your highness king and queen, but do you always be that easy believing someone as your daughter? oh never mind! The story must end happy I know”

Feels sarcastic? Oh sorry, I tend to make that to negatively comments (sorry), but I assure you the satisfying is much more than disappointing points, well it whole versus point.

Last word, this animation isn’t just an animation to me. Other review used to said this: Watching Tangled is like watching painting, but it’s moving, smoothly. I don’t mind with that description, even more I should say it’s not a merely painting but a great art., with all greatness included.


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2 thoughts on “Movie – Rapunzel (Tangled) Disney

  1. You put up nice pictures! I really like Tangled. Funny and entertaining!

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