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MC Mong: Collaboration(s)


First, please receive my pardon for absent in the last whole week, honestly I want to share this last week, but the internet connection always made me mad! I only could connect trough smart phone, but as you know they won’t allow me to made some creativity…

Back into topic! Relating to the titles, No, It’s not performance as my last posts. But Yes, as the title said: Here are the list of MC Mong’s collaborations.

Most of fans probably know that one of MC Mong’s album strong points is his collaboration with another singer. His perfectionism lead him to collaborating with other great singers such as: Lena Park (Love you till I Die), Seon Heok from SG Wanna Be (Butterfly Effect), Park Hyo Shin (Prayer), NAVI (Luv D.N.A) and probably the most famous one of his earlier solo career I love You Oh Thank You, feat Kim Tae Woo fro G.O.D.

The list is about the songs that unlisted in his album, which means they are exists on other artist albums, or just released as a single. All of them have been uploaded (*wink), but in 4shared.

Pick One:

  • Bubble Love, feat Seo in Young from jewelry
  • Sick Enough to Die, feat Mellow
  • Far Away, feat Brown Eyed Girls
  • Today is Alright, feat Byul
  • My Lover, feat Han Kyung Il
  • Three Musketeers, feat Kim Dong Wan
  • Love 119, feat K. Will
  • Simple Love, feat navi
  • Who’s The Man?, feat Maybee
  • Man with A Flower, feat KCM
  • So Fresh, feat Kim Tae Woo
  • Charm, feat Lyn

And since I have bad experience with sharing public files…I ONLY will  send  your pick(s)’s link after you drop your active email via comment on this posts (the link will send into the address). Oh, and don’t forget to mention your pick!

A bit review (since this is review based blog) for my favorites :

  1. Love 119 feat K. Will, both of artists totally awesome! The explosive rap of MC Mong and deep heartful voice of K. Will made me sway my mind. Always
  2. Sick Enough to Die feat Mellow, I don’t need to explain this one right? A great, great work from MC Mong. But the lyrics totally made me wanna cry
  3. Man with A Flower feat KCM,  You always fall for the melody. KCM present us the soft song and Mongie put the beat up fittingly.
  4. Bubble Love feat Seo In Young, her soft voice isn’t much significantly but MC Mong addictive rap and the tinkling melody will put this song stuck in your head.

Do you have another song? Let’s shared then..


Author: reglest

Kind of shout out person, like to think throughly, love to speak honestly.

15 thoughts on “MC Mong: Collaboration(s)

  1. hi hi hi….. it’s me vanny…

    thank you so much for the track list, i’ve been looking mong’s tracks for such a long time…

    maybe i will copy the list from you blog, may i?????

    • Thanks for visiting Van,
      You May Van. I”ve sent the list into your email in case you want it, but there seem 2 song that been deleted, if you don;t have it tell me, I’ll try to upload it again.

  2. thank you so much dear…

    i’ll check later on after i return from the office 🙂

  3. reglest…. heu kompak amat sama mbak SMDH n katja, berhiatus…. kangen baca postingan kalian, heuheuheuheu…. *lebay deh*

    waaa…. MC Mong ada ya berkolaborasi ma Byul, send me the link…

  4. @ Ayu: wacha…aku si berhiatus bukan karena pengen, tapi gara2 internet mandek. D*** S****y! Mw post dari email lupa alamat emailnya kekeke
    @ Vanny:You’re welcome dear

  5. Waa~ thanks for the list! akan kulengkapi koleksiku hehe..
    Sama, aku paling suka sama Love 119.

    • Iya kan Uni…katanya lirik Love119 yang nulis Mongie dan buatnya waktu dia putus sama ceweknya, hiks, makanya lagunya keren (ada unsur perasaannya soalnya) *sokmelankolisromantis

  6. Bwaaaaa!! Baru baca, mau doooong yang Three Musketeers (feat Kim Dong Wan) kutunggu email mu ya.. Thanks in advance, cup cup mmmmuah!

  7. non, sori ya daku belom cek imel cos 1 minggu ini gw opnam di rs..
    gw merasa bersalah cos gw dah janji bakalan info lo kalu gw dah dl tuh lagu, jeongmal mianhe ya…

  8. Sick Enough to Die, feat Mellow
    Far Away, feat Brown Eyed Girls
    Today is Alright, feat Byul
    My Lover, feat Han Kyung Il
    Three Musketeers, feat Kim Dong Wan
    Simple Love, feat navi
    Who’s The Man?, feat Maybee
    Man with A Flower, feat KCM
    Charm, feat Lyn
    i want this much may i reg??kkekekek ; for additional (Naneun(i am) with Ivy) So Fresh and I love u oh thank you (both with KTW) Gomawoyo reg ^^

    • Tere, makasih ya..
      tapi yang dicantumin di sini itu lagunya yang out of albumnya Mongie, jadi cuma single/ada dialbum artis lain :p

      I am feat Ivy itu ada di album ke-3, sama seperti I love You oh Thank You
      sementara so Fresh udah dicantumin di atas (ini bacanya pasti buru2 deh) kkk~

      Gonna sent you the email 🙂

  9. reg, park hyo shin sama momgie juga ada judulna Prayer ^^

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