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Utada Hikaru – Goodbye Happiness

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The download link is placed below the lyrics

These days I’m falling into bad mood. My friends cancel the promise that have made long-long time before (and has been rescheduled time to time), got so jealous for Lee Seung Gi Attender concert (Sorry, but can’t help to be not jealous…) which I can’t afford even for the flight ticket (sulk..sulk).

So I decide to browse against my mood, and there, I find the missing corner. Utada Hikaru, a.k.a Hikki!

I’m surprised! How come I didn’t see this one???

This time, the girl not just singing, but also directing the clip! Awesome!!

And she keep me admiring her by sharing the clip into youtube, not like anyone else who ban it, she SHARE it! Great! And it’s not just this clip, she has her own channel in youtube, check it on: www.youtube.com/user/hikki, she put almost..oh all!? off her video clip on there. And it just made me love her more!

Btw, the clip itself has unique theme, Hikki as the director of this clip (seem she learn a lot from her ex husband) presenting us scene of her singing in front of webcam and uploading it into Utube, (yeah Utube!) here is the thumbnail:

Lovely and cute, are the perfect description for this clip.

And the lyrics? Here they are:

Goodbye Happiness

By: Utada Hikaru

Credit to jpopasia




amai okashi kieta ato ni wa
sabishisou na otokonoko
kumo hitotsu nai
Summer Day

After the sweet candy has disappeared
A sad looking little boy
On a cloudless
Summer Day

hi ni yaketa teashi
shiroi one piece ga
yogoreyouga okamai nashi
muishiki no rakuen

Sunburnt hands and feet
her white one piece
gets dirty if Careless
An unconscious paradise

yume no owari ni matta wa nashi
aru hi kimi no na o shitta

I waited after the dream, but nothing
Then one day, I learned of your name

So Goodbye Loneliness
koi no uta kuchizusan de
anata no hitomi ni utsuru
watashi wa waratte iru wa

So Goodbye Loneliness
Singing along to a love song
Reflected in your eyes,
I’m laughing

So Goodbye Happiness
nani mo shirazu ni hashai de ta
ano koro e wa modore nai ne
soredemo ii no
Love me (3x)

So Goodbye Happiness
We can’t return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
But that’s okay
Love me (3X)

kangae sugi tari
yake okoshi cha ike nai
kodomo damashi sa bukiyou nan sa

You can’t overthink it or get too desperate
Don’t fool yourself
It’s a tough world

hito wa hitori ni natta toki ni
ai no imi ni kizukun da

When humans find themselves all alone
Is when they realize the meaning of love

suki sa Each days
yashashii uta o kikasete
deatta koro no kimochi o
ima demo oboetemasu ka

These fading passing days
Let me hear a gentle song
Do you still remember, to this day
The way we felt around the time we met

So good bye innocence
nani mo shirazu ni hashai de ta
ano koro e wa mou modore nai ne
kimi no sei da yo
Kiss me

So Goodbye Innocence
We can’t return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
It’s all your fault
Kiss me

Oh banbutsu ga meguri meguru
Oh oh oh darling darling
dare ka ni nani ka etari shimasen
Only you

Oh everything goes round and around
Oh Darling Darling
I’m not going to move on to someone else
Only you

arinomama de ikite yuketara ii yo ne
daiji na toki mou hitori no watashi gajoa o suru no

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just live the way we are?
At crucial moments, my other self blocks my way.

So good bye happiness
nani mo shirazu ni hashai de ta
ano koro e modori tai ne
Baby soshite mouichido
Kiss me

So Goodbye Happiness
I want to return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
Baby, just one more time
Kiss me

For some reason, I upload it in 4shared (since mediafire keep deleting my files..sigh). You can download it here.

Oh yeah, the single bundled in her 2nd single collection. I made this review as a teaser for you to buy the complete one, you won’t regret it. Hikki has the voice that keep hypnotizing you to flow with her melody and cry for the lyrics. I bought the 1st singles collection and I never regret that, that’s worth! I’ll bought the 2nd as soon as they release it in my country. Keep support the original artists!


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