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Before I get going on my promise before about My Girlfriend is Gumiho (Which I get hooked on because Lee Seung Gi) I think I should introduce the writers of the series: Hong Jeong Eun and Hong Mi Ran or best known as Hong Sister. I gotta give some review for their works.

My first encounter with the duet’s work is Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, which broadcasted in my country as Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. The show totally won my heart at that time. It’s fresh and full of little surprise even gotta messy at the end of series. And to be honest, that is my first time to liking a hero better than heroine. Lee Mong Ryong’s character (Played so nice by Jae Hee) feels fresh and delightful, while I pointed that Chun Hyang’s character (casted by the Korean Barbie: Han Chae Young) is too boring. That is their first work of series so..yeah you may accept it. Further more, I watch almost all of their creation except Hong Gil Dong and Accidental Couple (ironic, since both series don’t follow the typical that I’m gonna share-taken from other reviews, which I believe will break my opinion). As mentioned above, I’ve found some typical of their works which I listed below (and by these I mean Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, My Girl, You’re Beautiful and My Girlfriend is Gumiho):

  • Location: Under the same roof! Particularly, the male’s

    Well, that is a conventional recipe for almost all Korean drama. But come on! Is it an obligation to put the heroine into the roof of the hero? Yeah, we got the logic that in that way the leads’ll fall in love each other through their unintentional encounter, physically, emotionally and grow closer. But come on, Can’t you reverse it sometimes? Well to give you some image, here is the description of each series:

    • in Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, Choon Hyang must live within Mong Ryong’s house, after forced to be married due to the ‘night under blanket incident’.
    • In My Girl, Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hee) must faking into Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) long time no see cousin, thus lead her to live in HIS house
    • Go Mi Nyeo In You’re Beautiful, must act as her twin brother (Go Mi Nam), the new member of band A.N.JELL, which obligate her to live in the dormitory alongside -the old- other members (which including Hwang Tae Kyung)

    • Gumiho (My Girlfriend is Gumiho )end up ‘allowed’ to living under the same roof with Cha Dae Woong (with the help of the myth that she use as threat). Well, it’s not CDW’s home, but still, Dae Woong is the earlier one living there and then Gumiho join her. Let me count this into the one.


  • Heroine: Sweet, Pitying (almost boring)


    Well, the heroine are all passive, waits until the love fall, usually under confidence, having someone else to rely on (but never take him seriously!), and hurts all the time by the hero’s (earlier–or fake)love interest with no defense. I conclude all of the heroine(s) are boring character with a personal exception for Gu Miho which has some aggressiveness that I like. These facts don’t need description, check it by yourself!

    All of the main female casts are sweet character and a real beauty, I know Hong Sister try to build the character strong (by all means) but unfortunately it just make me wanna pitying them and mumbling oh.so.cliche.

    As your guess, my favorite is Gu Mi Ho for it’s lovely and innocent character (plus some aggressiveness). Earlier I always think that Gumiho as a pretty woman with scary aura and cunning character, so it’s a nice surprise to meet this new Gumiho breed.

  • Hero: Unforgettable!


    The strong point of Hong Sister is the unique character of the hero! My friend (a big and longer fan of K-drama) even said, “If an actor want to be remembered, they must play in one of Hong Sister’s work”. LOL!!

    • Lee Mong Ryong from Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang
      Who will forgot this emotional, immature dude who love to use his punch better than his brain –even when he has hold the title of a prosecutor –? His character is the one that make all parents in the world got headache every time. Though, he is lovable for his silly, happy go lucky action and slight caring for Choon Hyang.

      Btw, I love that look. Very much!


    • Gong Chan from My Girl
      Not to significant, (because I watch it such long time ago and finish it in a hurry, so I just keep skipped the scene), but Gong Chan is a charismatic handsome whose smile melting me in its first appearance. Like his love-hate attitude to Yoo Rin.


    • Hwang Tae Kyung from You’re Beautiful

      Oh, this arrogant, allergic boy is not the thing that you’ll forgot. Well, since he can not see in dark, you may must to be under the bright light as the condition for him to see you, literally and symbolical, what an attitude! (but cute). Although I must admitting, yes, I hate that eye liner.

    • Cha Dae Woong from My Girlfriend is Gumiho

      Well, since it Lee Seung Gi (Whom I like very much!), I love every aspects of him. True that he is over acting too much in the beginning of the series, but I think it because the scenario want to liven up some comedic scene (still defend him eh?). Cha Dae Woong’s character is almost like Mong Ryong, source of all parent’s headache, the difference is just, he is a coward, always using his grandpa’s –anytime, anywhere and have his own dream since first time he introduced, whether I think it ridiculous at first.

    My favorite? Mong Ryong and Cha Dae Woong. I love their transformation into a man, though it’s different (Mong Ryong keep playful but responsible and Dae Woong turn into the most romantic man in the world, but keep selfish in his way)

  • Male rival: Ambiguous


    Well, you always put in the same boat in every Hong Sister’s work. Pitying the second *correction: male* lead? Me too!

    Well, despite their bad (or in rare occasion, cruel) attitude or cheeky rivalry behavior toward the hero, the second lead always gentle, too kind to put in words towards the heroine plus they always good looking. Such a bad thing they never got attention of the heroine unless they confess – well even when they confess, the heroine will reject him either, because she already too crazy in love with the hero. The heroine never consider * and conscious of * him a bit!

    No, it’s not Kang Shin Woo from You’re Beautiful who is my favorite. But he is the perfect one to describe “not being considered” at all.

  • Female Rival: Fox


    Well, that is a simple word to describe all female rival. They probably granted the role of villain, whom they always act good in front of the lead actor (exception for Yoo He Yi in You’re Beautiful) but always insult and do some harsh act to damage the heroine’s confidence. Here is the best description of it, taken from My Girlfriend is Gumiho:

  • Plot: Reversing


    Well yeah, after the heroine give up. The hero will come to their sense and chasing the girl.


Ahaha, most of the people should say if I found that MUCH of the typical works, why I must list Hong Sister’s works as MUST WATCH, if that just that predictable? Well yeah, but to be along the flow of the Hong Sister mean fresh joke, unpredictable act to solve the problem, even you keep guessing right of the next step. Their big plot is like what I described above but there always be some fresh scenes, which could be sweet, funny, solution, or all of them and there are sometimes they made some changes.

I’ll list those delightful scene I remember, exception for My Girl, since I have seen it long-long time ago, I just remember the character but not the scene. Would you help me put some that memorial scene?

  • Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

    • Choon Hyang is going with her mother to give her father a grave visit, she didn’t tell Mong Ryong since he still mad to her. But Mong Ryong show up and even take a present with him. Later, Choon Hyang Mother and Grandma collaborating trap them into lovely dovey scene, which is failed.
    • Mong Ryong just pass the Driving test, so Choon Hyang put the label “JUST PASS” in the car’s back window. The label taken off by Chae-rin who said it embarassing, but Mong Ryong put it back after scouting Chae-Rin back.
    • For Mong Ryong’s act by selling his father’s sword, he is forbidden to meet Choon Hyang. In the end he even move almost all of his house equipments into her house, faking that Choon Hyang is pregnant!
    • Avenge all the time of Han Dae Hee’s tease him, (“Ah Choon Hyang!” while she is supposed to be in Japan with Director Byun -which instantly made Mong Ryong divert his gaze towards the direction, searching longingly) Mong Ryong presents Dae Hee a pair of baby socks, revealing that she actually has pregnant. (Turn the supposed to be grand ceremony into chaos!)
    • Intend to get a fair reason meet Choon Hyang again, (also locating her residence and avoids her escape), Mong Ryong “accidentally” bumping her car’s door with his car (after some calculation and so obvious act of keep the passenger away).

  • My Girl

    Help me list it please??

  • You’re Beautiful

    • Go Mi Nam whose injuring her head –which indirectly caused by: Hwang Tae Kyung’s scold–, refuse going into the hospital, intend to not revealed as a girl. When Hwang Tae Kyung calls and doubting about her ‘hospital care’ (which she denies), her whereabouts revealed by: “egg, just buy egg, fresh from the farm”. ROTFL!
    • A.N.JELL’s fans got angry to Go Mi Nam because (s)he seem not friendly with Hwang Tae Kyung. After filming clip, Go Mi Nam still in the pool, supposed drowning. Hwang Tae Kyung intent to save her, but unfortunately, she wake up and KICK him into the pool depth pool causing him drowning! She later remembered there are someone –else- in the pool, make her turn to ‘save’ him. Fans take the action as salvation for Hwang Tae Kyung and thanks her. LOL! (Hwang Tae Kyung :”who save who?”)
    • Yoo He Yi threats Hwang Tae Kyung about a mysterious girl (of course it’s our Mi Nyeo). Annoyed, he is asking where is her car, which she answer –smirking-,”why? You want to destroy it? I park it far far away from here”. He smirks back, took one of her shoe..and then..throw it into the pond…
    • Annoyed by Yoo He Yi presence in his dorm, Tae Kyung grabs her phone and see her speed dial, revealing the 1st is her father. He Yi asking if he is disappointed that he is not the one, but Tae Kyung question back does her father scary? Which He Yi answer, “yes, he could make you bald”. Then, he sent a message, “Father, I’m pregnant” using He Yi’s phone (surely).


  • My Girlfriend is Gumiho

    Too much to list, my memories too fresh for this one! Gonna update in some time! I’ll put it in a different review.

I’d love to say that Hong Sister’s are my favorite for fresh, romantic comedy. And I’ll always support them.

So..watch their works! They are worth!


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