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Vierra – My First Love


This is my 2nd time to review my own country’s band after ten2five.

This time I decide to review Single Perih from Vierra. Vierra is a youngster band from Indonesia. They are famous about their ear-catching and candy-pop music (although they calling it disney music) and a bit of japanese rock style. This band is consist of Kevin Aprilio (pianist/keyboardist), Widy Soediro (vocalist), Raka Cyril (guitaris) dan Trian (drummer). Single Dengarkan Curhatku in 2009 become their first step to fame

One of their signature is the use of piano or keyboard as the melody/base, not the guitar in almost all of their songs. No wonder, Kevin, the keyboardist is the founder of this band, and his influence to this band is a reality, especially their musicality. The vocalist, Widy, has soft, childish voice but don’t just sit on your seat, she could scream and others just like rocker, which gives her self a signature notice.

Over all, this album is worth enough to heard. Especially for Indonesian who has get boring about all Melayu’s song (I am!). I would not upload the album, since I respect the legality (yes! I care about for my country’s song or band!). In spite of , I’d upload my favorite single from this Album: Perih. I love the piano’s tune on this single. It’s so deep and lovable. I don’t own the song, I just search on the net and upload it here so I could share with you.

HQ: Mediafire

The medium quality is availabe on box.net widget on the right column.


Author: reglest

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2 thoughts on “Vierra – My First Love

  1. great young musician… one of the best new comer in music industry…

  2. Wew….. Vierra….. I love u full πŸ™‚

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