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Movie – Astro Boy (American Adaptation)

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I write this off freshly after watch the movie, I’m telling you, this movie probably better if you don’t know who is Atom/Astro  before. For an adult/teenager who has known who Atom is, watching this film should be an unsatisfaction, since, honestly, I can’t get the most important thing in all Tetsuwan Atom’s series: the humanity. Over all, this is the synopsis:

The film take a setting in Metro city, a floating city which separated from earth (or they called it surface). Metro city growing into a paradise, where robots servicing human in every life aspect, and the surface just a junkyard of robot’s broken parts.

Toby, son of Dr. Tenma -head of science ministry- left the school after finishing a pop quiz in attempt of seeing “peacekeeper“, the newest robot his father mentioned. Meanwhile, Dr. Tenma is with President Stone. He explaining his intention to use ‘blue core’, a source of positif power, which has developed by Dr. Elefun. Meanwhile, sneaking Toby catched and get locked in a room (just to g et escape later). Dr.Elefun doesn’t agree with the idea of using blue core, for Peacekeeper, or in otherword, for fighting Robot. Despite using it for war, he dreamed it to be used as a way to renew surface. The president discovered, that the blue core is not the only one he developed, but also the red core, source of negative power, thus these two not allowed contact since it will erasing each’s power.

In the demonstration room, President Stone placed Red Core instead into Peacekeeper to “get more destructing power”, ignoring refusal of the scientists. The Peacekeeper begins to malfunction and attack the scientists, so Dr. Tenma activating the emergency door. When he realize Toby is trapped there, the door has malfunctioned, and peacekeeper vaporizing Toby before the door. Dr. Elefun barely save rest of them using a little blue core energy to deactivate peacekeeper, but it’s too late, Toby has gone, leaving just his hat.

Soon after, Dr. Tenma who depressed of losing Toby, call Dr. Elefun to his lab. There, He show him Toby’s replica, using DNA from the left hat, and memories that has been uploaded to replace Toby. He ask for the blue core to powering the robot. Dr. Elefun pitying him, so he gives the core. Soon after the blue core placed, the replica comes to life (in other hand, the lab gone into total destroy). Dr. Tenma takes “Toby” home. After awhile, he comes into sense that this “Toby” is not Toby, and asking Dr. Elefun to deactivating him. Toby, who just found out his new abilities (flying, drill the earth) overheard this conversation and shocked, more after hearing “his father” intention to throw him out.

President Stone, discovered a signal of blue core, ordering his troop to seek it. The troops find Toby, but failed to catch. Being short tempered –like usual villain in American movie, sigh- he orders his underling to shoot with missiles, causing Toby fall into the surface. He found by many broken robots who want his battery. He succed escape from them, but fall into Trashcan’s trap. Trashcan is a dog robot used to lure robot and got their part taken, in fact it’s order come by a group of kids. The kids mistaken him as a usual boy and release him, just before a group of robots kidnap him. The group is the R.R.F (the Robot Revolutionary Front), planning to get free from human enslavement, especially from Hamegg. The group named him Astro, and before they success to get Astro as their member, Cora –leader of the kids group- busts in and take him.

In Metro City, President Stone arrest Elefun and forcing Tenma to deactivate Astro if they capture him to placing the blue core into Peacekeeper. Meanwhile in the surface, Cora takes Astro to their home, filled of orphaned children, and meet Hamegg who Astro think not as evil as the R.R.F told. Hamegg welcomes Astro into their family. That night, Hamegg tell him he is Metro City’s citizen before, work in Ministry of Science, before throw out by Dr. Tenma due to his “intimidating brilliance”.

The next day, Astro finds a hundred years robot named Zog. He success revive Zog, and take him back to Hamegg. Hamegg discover Zog’s energy is enough to powering a full town with a tool, and when he pointed the tool toward Astro, the tool alarming loudly, but he does’nt explain what it means. After some clean (and paints) Hamegg and the kids bring Zog into Robot games, where Astro discovering the games means fighting until death between robots. Just before the games start, Hamegg electrifies Astro and reveals to everyone that he is a robot and forced him take part in the games. Astro refuses but then easily defeat all the robots. Finally, Hamegg put him up against Zog. Astro, refusing to fight Zog, throw away his battle clothes and defenselessly accept Zog’s attack, surprised to know Zog in not attempt to fight him. Hamegg, forcibly tries get Astro into fight, electrifies him again and again, causing Zog’s attack him. Just before Zog step on him, he warns him of Robot Laws (not attack or harming human) which has been held for 50 years. Zog replies simply that his age is more than hundred years, and step on him but stopped by Astro. Up in Metrocity, the radar catches the blue core signals, and military arrives in surface. Intending not harm anybody, Astro goes defenselessly with the military.

Astro taken back to the lab where Dr. Tenma and Dr. Elefun been. Heavyhearted, Dr. Tenma takes out the blue core and apologizes to Astro, who says he shouldn’t be sorry and apologizes for not being a better Toby. Dr. Tenma gives Stone the core, but changing mind after it and with Dr. Elefun helps put the stone back to Astro. Astro wakes up and Dr. Tema tell him, even though Astro is not Toby, he is still his son, then ordering him to leave.

Stone uses the red core to reactivate the Peacekeeper, which later absorbs him (the Peacekeeper then behave like Stone). In his escape, Astro hear explosion and turn back to Metro city, just to discover Peacekeeper has enlarging and absorbing bunch of weapons which has been heading to get the blue core in him. Meanwhile, Cora and the other kids hijack Hamegg’s car to head to Metro City. Astro tries to escape but failed, but cann’t be absorbed. Dr. Tenma back to get Astro and tell him he can’t absorb him because if blue core and red core come together, both of them will die. Meanwhile, the kids who get caught by Peacekeeper screaming for help. Hearing those screams, Astro refuse Tenma’s invitation to escape, saying good bye, telling it is his destiny and “onward and upward Dad”, just like Dr. Tenma usually says to Toby. Either way, Astro flies into the Peacekeeper, causing explosions after they get contacted, leaving Stone unharmed, but arrested. Other place, Astro found still since the blue core energy been drained. Zog returns back energy from the blue core kept in his body to Astro, reactivating him.

At the last scene, Cora meets her parents and Astro placed as Hero, just before an Alien attacks the town and Astro immediately launches into action after reassuring his concerned father, “I was made ready!”.

Well, I should say I’m not satisfied with this movie, Or honestly, regretting after watch this movie. Oh I don’t say this movie is bad! It is planned as a great movie…the picture is incredible, the movement of each character is smooth, not to mention all of the voice actors in famous! Total lacks of this movie is inthe story, I can’t see the core story of original Tetsuwan Atom! The humanity! I love Tetsuwan Atom (Or I should say Astro Boy?) for their issue of humanity and how’s Robot’s life beyond human’s life. What kind of humanity? The main aspect is how to made robots and humans life safely side by side, not just how Astro will accepted by his environment.

In fact, Astro’s existence is opening a new gate of human and Robot’s life (in original story of course) Also, what is Blue Core? In original story, Astro is activated by usual battery just like other robots. The only thing made him different is his power and his heart (which made by high technology artificial intelligence), which make him behave just like common children. I think I can’t accept this adaptation since it made the story goes wrong at all, the topic goes to the power source not Astro.

I should say to my self, I must stop to watch American adaptation of Anime or japanese film, since they just ruin it. They reorganize all of them, just using a few pieces and made it into a totally different kind (and they call it a ‘brand new’? Hah!, they just borrow the fame!). Well, for kids who never know about Atom, you probably happy to see him, but for me and the others who has known it as our childhood hero, it’s better to bury it deep just as a little memory.


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