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Kelly Sweet – We are One

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I should say I’ve become her fans! Her voice is so addictive…

First hear her voice is on disk store, they play her song and I’ve been curious with the song.  I can’t resist desire to asking who is singing asking who is her and then browsing to find her. But this album is awesomely delicious!

Her voice is as sweet as her name. It’s so fluffy and would become a great lullaby if you want on. Hoping I’ll get enough money to buy the legal album: Here are the cover album:

Kelly Sweet - We are One Cover Album

Kelly Sweet - We are One Cover Album

As first said, I would love to say her voice is as sweet as her name. And honestly, It get me more and more addicted with her voices:

Tracklist of this album is:

1. We are One
2. Raincoat
3. Dream On
4. Caresse sur L’ Ocean
5. Crush
6. Ready for Love
7. Giorno Dopo Giorno
8. I Will be Waiting
9. Now We’re Free
10. How ‘Bout You
11. Love Song
12. Je T’ Aime

And over all of this song, my favourite is: We Are One, Raincoat and Dream On. Feels have had heard Dream On? Oh you May be…Dream On is her remake from Dream on of Aerosmith…

Well over all, I love this album and also her voices too.

I would love to share a link for her album:


And these links are for her bonus track: Sorry, I’ve forgot to bundle it on the first link,,hehe


Nella Fantasia

Actually I want to share Indowebster link too, but since I cann’t upload there (sigh, I’m wondering why?). i can’t fulfill it now, just wait you Guys!

O yeah, don’t forgot to buy her legal album. It is so fluffy and sweet, just remembering me of sweet cheese cake!


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  1. I was told about this interesting blog from my cousin. Do you have an rss feed? It would help people find this more easily. Much appreciated!

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